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TWG 60: 2fool4skool - Post-Game

Started by Bird, October 23, 2013, 06:57:53 PM

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Congratulation Fools!

Role Reveal

1. Wolf - Davy
2. Wolf - fank009

3. Human - BlackDragonSlayer
4. Human - Olimar12345
5. Human - Greg
6. Human - Bubbles
7. Human - Mashi
8. Human - The Boy Who Cried Wolf
9. Human - Waddle Bro
10. Human - vermilionvermin

11. Fool - MaestroUGC
12. Fool - FSM-Reapr
13. Fool - The_Subjective_Thought


FSM        |||||||
Maestro   ||||||||||
verm       ||||||||||||||||||||||
Waddle    |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
TST        |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
davy       ||||||||||||||||||||
Toby       |||||||||||
fank        |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Mashi      |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Bubble     |||||||||||||||||
Olimar      |||||||||||||||||||||||||
Greg        ||||||||||||||||||||||
BDS         |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Each | represents one post. The sonnet will probably go to fank, since I think in terms of wordcount, he was more active, plus he was constantly sending me PMs with his thoughts.

Game Analysis

That was a pretty surprising outcome. I didn't really know what to expect when I made this game, since it's sort of difficult to predict what will happen when you throw in roles who are trying to get wolfed/lynched. It turns out that it adds a pretty interesting new layer to the discussions, and it was fun to watch as well. FSM claiming was an interesting element, as was TST sort of being found out.

One thing I was not at all prepared for was the last few phases, which turned out to be pretty crazy. I hadn't thought of using the fools as a... well, basically like a bomb-jacket. The suicide threat, playing "chicken" with the final fool, was extremely creative, and it's really too bad it didn't pan out. A wolf ended up getting lynched via kitb, which is somewhat disappointing... it would have been worth it if the game had continued after that, but then the biggest surprise of all happened. Fank, the final wolf, knowingly attacked the last fool, ending the game. I really can't explain his actions, especially since it looked like the final lynch was shaping up to be a verm lynch, but it brought the game to an end.

I'm kind of upset that there wasn't an incredible final confrontation, a big lynch argument between fank and verm, but things didn't pan out that way. That said, I'm really pleased with the activity as well as the way fools have worked this game. I hope more games have fools in the future.

Anyway, great job everyone and thanks for playing!

Player Analysis

FSM-Reapr – Straight-up claiming took guts. I mentioned to you in a PM that I'm glad you took the direction you did this game, it made the first day phase really interesting. There were a couple of different directions that this could have gone in. I figured most people would just suspect you were a wolf trying to avoid being lynched by pretending to be a fool, but you said in your claim that you wanted to be wolfed by being a threat to the wolves. I don't know what your true intentions were, but you ended up dying before any other fool, so terrific job. Interestingly, you sort of made it difficult for your fellow fool TST to win by posting that PM, but I guess you guys have completely separate win conditions so there's no real reason for you to help him out. Regardless, you earned the FOOL MVP.

MaestroUGC – Your fool strategy couldn't have been more different than FSM's. You went the much more conservative route of trying to be wolfed by virtue of being a typical, moderately contributive human. And what do you know, it worked flawlessly! Good work. FOOL HONORABLE MENTION.

vermilionvermin – You said you were disappointed in your performance this game, and I guess so far as catching wolves went, you could have done better. I think you had the best justification of anyone to kill FSM on day 1. And I think that in general you still made this game much more interesting, especially at the very end. You were the player to definitively point out that the lack of a wolfing was a numbers game rather than a mistake, and you were also the person who came up with the hilarious chicken plan. It didn't work out, and you probably would have been lynched if the game had continued, but it was a thrill to watch! HUMAN HONORABLE MENTION.

Waddle Bro – I feel like you were mostly on the sidelines for most of the middle part of this game, at least until the final phases when you started the lynch against davy, the only wolf lynch this game! But then fank wolfed TST and nothing else mattered. Good job though! HUMAN MVP.

The_Subjective_Thought – The "stumbler" plan was as creative as it was aptly named. I felt really bad having to clarify in the thread that this role wasn't real, but it's a hosts job to make sure everyone is on the same page if it's not a mystery game. This incident ended up with everyone believing you were a fool for the rest of the game, pretty much putting you on the sidelines of the action until the very end... when you somehow managed to win. You were extremely active though, and I definitely have high hopes for you in the future.

davy – In typical davy fashion, you spent a lot of this game in the shadows before popping up with extremely detailed thoughts on every player. Your "suspicions" were extremely well-supported, and it made it very difficult for people to tell that you were a wolf. In fact, you were never really figured out, and if verm hadn't been ninja'd, you guys would have won (since it wouldn't have been a kitb). WOLF HONORABLE MENTION.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf – You were the first person to argue that FSM was actually just a fool. And you were right! You also were the first person to point out that TST was likely a fool as well. And then you died. It's a shame you didn't last longer, since it looked like you were going to be a major player for the rest of the game. Oh well, night 1 deaths happen to everyone at some point.

fank009 – Your performance this game was incredibly consistent with your playstyle when you're not a wolf, which, if you ask me, is the sign of a good wolf! You provided analysis in the thread on a pretty regular basis and people were shocked, even when the game was over, that you were a wolf. That said, you definitely could have won this, but... didn't? You still didn't get "caught" so I'm giving you the WOLF MVP.

Mashi – I wonder how many people took your please claiming seriously? You really stuck with the joke a lot longer than I thought you would! I like that you made a suspicion list on day 1, and I feel like your behavior was pretty human for most of the game, especially this post:
Most people just thought you were a fool though, and your sort of eccentric behavior gave them decent reason to. Anyway, you got lynched, so that's too bad!

Bubbles – Smartly argued that FSM shouldn't be lynched on Day 1. You were actually pretty insistent on this point, yet everyone went and lynched him anyway! This argument, despite being in the human's best interests, went against the prevailing thought that FSM should have been lynched since "even if he wasn't a wolf, he was a fool, and that's better than lynching a human." This made people think you were his partner, and you got lynched for it. I feel like one of the main reasons it happened was because the humans didn't think of a better alternative, but oh well.

Olimar12345 – It was awesome seeing you be so active this game! You brought up a lot of different theories that other players may have overlooked. I thought it was kind of funny how TST faked that PM, although it ended up being inconsequential. Despite the fact that you were active, you ended up safetying a few times this game, which was disappointing.

Greg – You were also a lot more active this game which is great. You were a real voice of common sense for the beginning parts of this game, and were quick to point out logical flaws other players may have made. You asserted that FSM shouldn't be lynched, which was a good call... but then ended up lynching him.  Anyway, you were a solid player throughout the game and then you died!

BlackDragonSlayer – You were extremely active, and always had something to contribute when a new event popped up. But I feel like you weren't as decisive as you could have been—you went back and forth on the FSM lynch a while, and ended up voting for Fank (good!) without pushing it very hard. Your davy vote was instrumental in lynching the wolf, but it was also ultimately futile since fank ended the game anyway. Good job overall!

Sonnet for fank009

Shakespearean sonnet in iambic pentameter (except for one line).

By lurking in the shadows, wolves survive.
They kill, attack and hunt by night's soft shade.
But only blending helps them stay alive,
as day reveals the choices that they made.

He knew the rules by now. He wasn't new;
experience had taught him all too well.
"Just act as always, they won't think it's you!"
And one by one, they came below his spell.

Convinced? Confused? At least they let him live.
The tide began to turn because they chose
the wolf to lead them. Hunters do not give
much mercy. Only sadness, death, and woes.

The men were down. The victory was nigh.
But none of that mattered once Fank chose to die.
(2:19:33 AM) Tutan: i don't know how to twg anymore
(2:19:46 AM) bird: its easy you just yell at someone til they die


FANK could've just waited for us to lynch verm... :P
And the moral of the story: Quit while you're a head.

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why did fank009 throw the game when he could have won


in retrospect...
could verm have been lynched??? I was thinking about it as well, but... 2 days can do a lot, and as soon as the fact comes up of how I waited at end of day, that could have done me in... at 4 I definetly would have played, but at 5, too many people too chuck ideas around.
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Quote from: Mashi on October 23, 2013, 07:00:03 PMwhy did fank009 throw the game when he could have won
on paper, as I said, the question rose on wether my EOD play would have been brought up, and I thought likely so and chose the chicken option... I said to davy after we no wolfed that it was then or never...  (to think we lost by 4 seconds...) but there were too many variables to consider playing in my mind, and fool win > human win imo...

EDIT: 2 things that stopped me from actually playing the phase...
one) the unsurity of who to wolf... (I was thinking BDS)
two) verms possible defense... The game would have been won/lost on a quick insta. if verm had a opportunity to speak it would have been game over...

could we have won it, heck yes, do we deserve to win it, heck no.

(personal note, if the next phase went on for 2 days, it prolly would have killed me :/)

If you want, I can list all the evidence I gave that I was afraid of popping up if you want, but I somewhat dont regret anything, although it looked good on paper, it just wasnt enough to bite (maybe if people gave some more persuasion earlier...)

As I said, would have played it with 4, definetly not with 5
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Damn. Gg guys. Well played, Fank :P

Oh, and for the record, I did send that pm to TST at the beginning of the game. I was positive he wasn't a fool, so I was going to use his reaction to determine either fool or wolf. (His "unedited" version was the full message) Turned out he was a fool! :P

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the N4 no wolfing...
I'll let you in on a secret, that was davy's idea.
I'll get the log that I have from it.
EDIT: here it is
20:05:06: <fank009> back
20:06:00: <davy> So...
20:06:21: <davy> Are we gonna dicide about wolfing/no wolfing?
20:06:35: <fank009> ya\
20:06:42: <fank009> Pros for wolfing:
20:07:03: <fank009> Pro: Humans would need ALL hands on deck AND TST to insta one of us.
20:07:22: <fank009> (considering TST's win condition... If he thinks your the last wolf...)
20:07:45: <fank009> (we might not get an insta, but we prolly could control the vote...)
20:09:19: <fank009> that is the only pro...
20:09:31: <fank009> but its a pretty good pro.
20:09:42: <fank009> cons: lose a possible vote...
20:10:02: <fank009> cons: could drag us deeper into water??? (somewhat, depends on what happens)
20:11:31: <davy> I say no wolfing.
20:12:01: <fank009> either way... the way I see it, tomorrow is do or die.
20:12:21: <fank009> because if one gets lynched, the other will surely follow
20:12:26: <fank009> (or TST will be lynched xD)
20:12:44: <davy> And I think we'll be in the most advantageous spot if we don't wolf this phase
20:13:06: <fank009> (I still think... That I'll be more suspected...)
20:13:41: <fank009> and considering how recent it was since wolves no lynched for a vote...
20:13:49: <fank009> this is screaming more obvious :/
20:13:55: <fank009> (for a mislynch)
20:14:15: <davy> But that was an entirely different situation
20:14:21: <fank009> like i said,
20:14:22: <davy> 1st: that was start of the game
20:14:31: <davy> 2nd: that was with annonymous accounts
20:14:36: <fank009> true...
20:14:48: <fank009> that doesnt mean people will think the same principles...
20:14:59: <fank009> Im ready to bite the bullet,
20:15:13: <fank009> and if you really dont trust my case in BDS (to shake things up...)
20:15:14: <davy> What do you mean by that?
20:15:24: <fank009> wolfing is biting the bullet...
20:15:50: <fank009> we will never have a "best" wolfing...
20:15:56: <davy> I trust your case in BDS (he was on top of my suspicion list), but I don't know if others will follow that
20:16:11: <fank009> all we need...
20:16:17: <fank009> is 1 vote...
20:16:27: <fank009> and a 2-2 between olimar/BDS
20:16:32: <fank009> (which I think can happen.
20:16:38: <davy> But if we're constantly voting together it will get suspicious.
20:16:43: <fank009> ....
20:16:52: <fank009> not your vote...
20:16:58: <fank009> who says we have to vote together?
20:17:11: <fank009> remember, my vote will be in limbo.
20:17:26: <fank009> (BDS = limbo vote)
20:17:45: <fank009> I have a good enough case on him, to vote him, without being suspected for looking for a lynch...
20:18:02: <fank009> I dont like the idea of no wolfing...
20:18:15: <fank009> and if things turn from bad to worse I will wolf TST next phase
20:18:17: <davy> why not?
20:18:24: <fank009> well...
20:18:26: <davy> DONT WOLF TST
20:18:30: <fank009> we have verm and waddle...
20:18:40: <fank009> what im saying...
20:18:46: <fank009> is If I have no chance of winning...
20:18:53: <fank009> (people become suspicious of me...)
20:19:07: <fank009> I'll wolf TST to end the game (and deny humans the victory...)
20:19:31: <fank009> its easier to lose when you have 5 people voting for the game...
20:19:38: <davy> Ok, I understeand that. But I dislike it.
20:19:50: <fank009> there, we agree to disagree :D
20:20:17: <davy> I also think that if people say that no wolfing was strategic, I think verm would be the first to fall victim to it.
20:20:31: <fank009> you think???
20:20:58: <fank009> considering the chips have fallen every other way BUT what you have predicted...
20:21:00: <davy> Well, he IS the best player, so I think he would be the first to come up with smthng like that
20:21:02: <fank009> (I think...)
20:21:16: <fank009> (you think, people will think that...)
20:21:29: <fank009> (considering mashi was the one who started the no wolfing idea...)
20:21:50: <davy> when did he do that?
20:22:02: <fank009> game of doors...
20:22:28: <davy> Verm did that already way earlier (in an LLF game I think)
20:22:37: <fank009> true...
20:23:44: <davy> Really though, I don't see why WE of all players would be suspected of no wolfing
20:24:09: <fank009> ... high risk high reward...
20:24:16: <fank009> (imo)
20:24:19: <fank009> anyway...
20:24:30: <fank009> (I might have to bite this bullet :/)
20:25:13: <davy> Who would you wolf in that case?
20:25:24: <fank009> If I was to wolf anyone,
20:25:27: <fank009> it would be verm...
20:25:37: <fank009> one, its a safe wolfing...
20:25:59: <fank009> safe in the sense in which he would be an "expected wolfing"
20:26:06: <fank009> two, if we keep him alive for any longer...
20:26:11: <fank009> he might win the game :/
20:26:24: <davy> I don't see that last thing happening
20:26:33: <davy> He has human leans from both of us
20:26:45: <fank009> (doesnt mean a thing...
20:26:51: <fank009> we still have to please him)O
20:27:18: <davy> Just for one phase.
20:27:27: <davy> In which Olimar is the most suspected player.
20:27:51: <fank009> ...
20:27:54: <fank009> Ok...
20:28:11: <fank009> Expect a huge defense from me in that case...
20:28:18: <fank009> (I might end up going after you...)
20:28:25: <davy> np
20:28:37: <fank009> need to put you and waddle somewhere :/
20:28:41: <davy> I have been going after you for quite some time now.
20:28:51: <fank009> true.
20:28:57: <fank009> but...
20:29:14: <fank009> its going to be a tell after this that I have no thoughts on wolf buddehs
20:29:16: <fank009> anyway...
20:29:23: <fank009> lets get some conversation in the chat going...
20:29:34: <fank009> (might use that as amunition xD
20:29:58: <davy> Shouldn't we make a decision now?
20:30:13: <fank009> we are no wolfing...
20:30:20: <fank009> I thought I said I woudl bite the bullet.
20:30:49: <davy> Please tell me again what biting the bullet means.
20:32:25: <fank009>
20:33:30: <davy> k, so no wolfing?
20:33:43: <fank009> yes
20:33:44: <fank009> no wolfing
20:34:11: <davy> k
20:34:16: <davy> gonna send this to bird
20:54:54: <fank009> there you go...
20:55:03: <fank009> ammo against me IF you want it.
20:55:12: <fank009> (IF worse comes to worse)
21:01:22: <fank009> that might not be good...
21:01:28: <fank009> depends...
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Quote from: Greg on October 23, 2013, 07:44:33 PMMAN FANK STOP BEING SO UNREADABLE
(isnt that the point as a wolf? :P)
dont worry, there were tells there.
I come for the sheet music but stay for the ...


Quote from: fank009 on October 23, 2013, 07:49:08 PM(isnt that the point as a wolf? :P)
dont worry, there were tells there.
I knew I wasn't completely unjustified...
And the moral of the story: Quit while you're a head.

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Waddle Bro

Fank, epic fail that you wolfed TST, because he doesn't count as a human. We would have just had to lynch verm and you wolf someone and you would have won. I'd hate to be davy right now lol

also to be fair, I had a pretty convincing case against verm for thinking he was a wolf :(






FSM-Reapr for MVP since he was the only Fool that was lynched, as well as the only person people weren't confident was Fool.


Apparently I'm my best human when I'm a wolf and my best wolf when I'm a human


Also I have no idea where to put this so I'll put it here

Win Statistics
TWG I: The Incident in the Mushroom Kingdom: Wolves Win
TWG II: The Game of Fate: Wolves Win
TWG III: Master Hand's Finale: Humans Win
TWG IV: The Strange case of Sir Deku and Count Dekula: Humans Win
TWG V: Nakahvania: Humans Win
TWG VI: Rise of the Olympians: Humans Win
TWG VII: Invader Zim: Wolves Win
TWG VIII: Samurai vs. Ninjas: Humans Win
TWG IX:The Lanturn Keeper: Humans Win.
TWG X: Wolves Win.
TWG XI: Beyond Azincourt: :Wolves Win
TWG XII: The Second Great Fairy War: Humans Win
TWG XIII: ???: Wolves Win
TWG XIV: Winterkid's Game: Wolves Win
TWG XV: Perils of Saffron: Humans Win.
TWG XVII: Duos: Humans Win.
TWG XVIII: Adelaide's Impetuous Adventures of Inanity In the Macrocosm of Our World Through Falling Into Her Boudoir Mirror: Humans Win
TWG XIX: Mind Games: Wolves Win
TWG XX: Frivolous Frivolous Frivolous Frivolous Frivolous Frivolous Frivolous Frivolous Frivolous: Wolves Win.
TWG XXI: A lesson in Etiquette: Wolves Win
TWG XXII: Thetre: Wolves Win.
TWG XXIII: Manhunt: Host Wins.
TWG XXIV: Sauce is Pretty Coll: Humans Win.
TWG XXV: Minesweeper: Humans Win.
TWG XXVI: Doctor Who: Wolves Win
TWG XXVII: Trick of the Trade: Wolves Win
TWG XXVIII: Pokemon Black and White: Humans Win
TWG XXX: Disability Girls: Wolves Win
TWG XXXI: Just another Sburb session: Wolves Win
TWG XXXIII: Beat those Eggs Jimmy: Wolves Win
TWG XXXIV: Mine craft: Wolves Win
TWG XXXV: Professer Layton : Humans Win
TWG XXXVI: The Meloncony of Haruhi Suzumiya: Humans Win
TWG XXXVII: Time for a History lesson: Humans Win
TWG XXXVIII: Snakes on a Plane: Wolves Win
TWG XXXIX: The Perfect Apples: Wolves Win
TWG XL: Uprising Madness: Wolves Win
TWG XLI: Gotta lynch them all: Humans Win
TWG XLII: Waluigi Time: Humans Win
TWG XLIII: My name is Mephistopheles: Humans Win
TWG XLIV: The Pokemon Leauge: Wolves Win.
TWG XLVI: Have it your way: Wolves Win.
TWG XLVII: Relax, I'm a doctor: Third party role wins.
TWG XLVIII: 72 hours remain: Wolves win.
TWG XLIX: Red Vs Blue: Humans Win
TWG L: Zombies!: Wolves Win
TWG LI: A Role Reunion: Independents Win
TWG LII: The Sigh of fuck it: Humans Win
TWG LIII: All the Kings Men: Wolves Win
TWG LIV: A Game of Wolves: Wolves Win
TWG LV: A Choice of Doors: Wolves Win
TWG LVI: Silence Will Fall: Humans Win
TWG LVII: The Return of Whats his face: Wolves Win
TWG LVIII: The Boy's Stupidly Long Game: Humans Win
TWG XL: 2fool4skool: Third Party Wins

Amount of times that Wolves have won: 31
Amount of Times that humans have won: 26
Amount of times that a third party role has won: 3

Humans need to win more.