the dumb test

Started by generalmayo, May 24, 2008, 08:52:16 AM

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how good do you think you will do on this test

16 (100%)
7 (43.8%)

Total Members Voted: 16


damn commies.


Okay, for number 6, you sort of did the question wrong, I think it is supposed to go like this, it is one of those riddles where the person tries to find out information by asking yes or no questions. (we do these in band all the time):

Male #1 left his wife at home with the window open to go to the doctor. When he came back, he found his wife on the floor, water spilled everywhere and broken glass.

After finding out information, you find out that the wife is a fish, he left to go to the VET, (because he is a fish), and a cat had jumped to the window and knocked the bowl off the counter.

(it's a dumb riddle but it is one of the ones where you have to ask yes or no questions, it isn't cool in regular riddle form).


I have a dumb question.

Your in a cabin and you have the following. A gas lamp, a pot-bellied stove, a fireplace w/ wood, a match, and a torch.

Which do you light first??



I wouldn't want to light anything if I'm in a cabin. :-\ *coughwoodcough*


why would i be in a cabin the first place?

okay okay I get it