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''That is not a ________!'' Game

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Ok. I saw this game on another forum and thought it would be fun to do here :)

 Heres how you play:

You have to say the last item is not an item, but is is something similar to it.
For example:

That is not a penguin! That a bird!
That is not a bird! It is an airplane!
That is not an airplane! It is a helicopter!

Ok. Here goes:

That is not an Ipad, that is a ___________!

Ipad mini!

That is not a game, that is a _______________________`

Sorry Yugi...but...you did it wrong. This is what you should of done:

Ipad mini!

That is not an Ipad mini, that is a _______________________`

Thats ok though :)

Samsung Galaxy!

That is not a Samsung Galaxy, that is a _______________________`


That is not a joke, that is Yugi trying to be ____________________!


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