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TWG 63: Second Chances Post Game

Started by Bird, January 12, 2014, 07:23:35 PM

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I'm as surprised as you are. Role reveal:

1. Master Wolf Shaman - NocturneOfShadow
2. Wolf Corpse Mangler - Toby

3. Wolf Assassin - Mashi
4. Traitor-Shaman - K-NiGhT

5. Megakiller - Greg
6. Megakiller - Olimar12345 -> FireArrow
7. Medium - The_Subjective_Thought
8. Seer - Dude
9. Angel - BlackDragonSlayer
10. Angel - JDMEK5
11. Millwright - vermilionvermin
12. Herring - spitllama
13. Human - fank009
14. Human - Kman96

So what happened?

Night 1, both of the Megakillers (Greg and Olimar12345) went for Mashi, who false claimed Seer. Olimar's went through first, so Greg died alongside The_Subjective_Thought who was wolfed for claiming medium.

Day 1, K-NiGhT was pretty much lynched for inactivity, and Greg (unsurprisingly) was brought back to life.

Night 2, both the Megakillers killed the remaining two wolves: NocturneOfShadow and Toby. I think Nocturne had a few slip-ups in the chat, which was understandable for a new player, but I'm not sure what led to the other megakiller suspecting Toby.

In the end, all four wolves were dead by the end of Night 2. The humans might have gotten lucky a few times, but they still killed the wolves in record time, which is definitely impressive.
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humans were slacking, they should have won this game by the end of night 1


Oh you ::)

That's my fault, actually. I didn't have the balls to step up to the plate before TST did, and it ended up costing us our Medium.
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I dont know whats suprising... Noct being a wolf, Mashi being a wolf, Toby being a wolf, K-night being a wolf or dude coming in d1 and telling me (and noct) he seered mashi red.

noct, you were stupid regardless of what happened for killing/mangling dude, cause you would have died anyway by my hand for going for dude.

but yay, I dont have to worry about putting my heart and soul into another twg game (for however long :/)

Bird, do you want me chat logs? xD

Fanks thoughts on the game.

I was in a very AWKWARD position, knowing the truth and having somewhat of a more proper opinion on verm vs noct (- noct being a wolf, I wasnt completley hoodwinked though... I've got some logs with verm (I think) discussing doubts I had with noct (as explained earlier, I would have had him next phase). Toby, I wouldnt have gotten in a while... but still... (dead wolves go moo??? xD)
K-night vote, was (contrary to popular belief) a legit vote... somewhat glad that it went through. somewhat a decent game for me, given how I play (slow start, big finisher) and my current commitment schedule :/

Did I redeem myself bird? :D
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Wait but... uhh.

Kay. So Kman wasn't the seer. I wanted to lynch the real seer  ::) (good job me). How did Dude trust you enough to let you false claim Kman?

:o suspicion list was right except for 3 people
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Ohhhhhhh man. I'll explain everything once Bird posts the update.

It's a daring tale of mistrust, nail biting, and that terrible feeling in your stomach when TST decided to fuck everything up when you knew you could have saved it. (No offense, TST). Trust me, I was going bonkers with the plan I had cooking. I can't wait to tell you guys!
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Here's where I get to explain my failings to the world.

Mashi and K-Night claimed seer and megakiller respectively. Greg's megakiller claim was the first legit special claim that happened. Me, having no idea how to alliance immediately introduced everyone.

So Mashi and K-night knew about our megakiller.

Two hours later, Dude sends me a pm. Claiming seer. I start to realise how badly I've fucked up.

I quickly send a message to Greg and K-night mentioning that Dude had claimed seer.

So K-night knew Mashi had been found out and that Dude was our seer.

And that's how I nearly lost us the game.
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But I can't waaaait. They knew you weren't the seer cause Dude got mangled. But how did two wolves just die last night phase xD

Edit: Wow. So they effectively knew all the roles by day 1.
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