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Hello everyone!

Started by Gratwhol, May 31, 2008, 01:25:12 PM

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I'm a piano/keyboard player, and I've been playing for 7 years now. I just discovered, and I've got to say... I'm overwhelmed by happiness. I've always played Nintendo, from I was 4 years old or so, and to find most of the music gathered at one place is just fantastic! I just wanna tell you how much I appreciate this site, and I look forward to exhanging ideas with you all. Now I'm off to learn a huge amount of songs! ;D :D



Arranging is also fun, but difficult for people who cannot arrange/play by me.  :P

You might want to try it.

Even when everyone else has gone,
I will punch the punching bag until a game comes on. XD

10 years later. Still Brawling!


There is an introduction thread in Off-topic.

but welcome.


Yeah, but I thought of the thread as a hybrid between an introduction and feedback  ;)



Always fun to see new members!  ;D

Have fun going through a learning craze! (as I did xD)