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Started by Trasdegi, July 14, 2018, 09:05:04 AM

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The only problem with that method is that it pretty much erases any formatting made in MuseScore, particularly measure and system distribution. It also comes with a lack of customisation for said formatting.
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Trying version 1.2 of the XML editor--how long am I supposed to wait before I can use the finished XML? I end up with this for several minutes after dragging the .xml onto the .exe--pressing the enter key results in the program closing and no files seemingly being modified:

Is this program supposed to work near-instantly or not? Am I using this program wrong?

I got the same results when I changed the extension of my file to .xml instead of .musicxml.

(My file structure has been censored for privacy reasons.)

EDIT: OK, dragged the .xml directly onto the .exe instead of opening the .exe first and finally got results. I'll still need to adjust the file afterwards, though--the tempo marking is messed up.


Here's a new version of the template, with updated margins.



Here's a new version (again) of the template, which shows the "Piano" in the musescore file.



Oooh! This whole thing is pretty useful; thanks!
I don't think this's possible with xml, but importing frames from Musescore would be quite handy.


Corrected a mistake: now the editor doesn't add copyright markings on every page anymore.



Here's a template update, which just adds https.



I've very slightly edited the template so that it sounds articulations such as staccatos and sforzandos correctly as the original template didn't playback them.

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Thanks, that's one thing I didn't think of. I put it in the dropbox folder with the others.


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NVM, I decided to use Finale Notepad, and it solved the problem.


I noticed that the template doesn't really hold up that well in MuseScore v3.6, so here's an updated version. NOTE: It's not currently possible to have different font sizes in the header, so if this template is used to convert to Finale you'll have to manually change the page numbers' font size to 14pt.


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here's an alternate download link to ver. 1.4 of the pre-3.6 template for anyone who for some reason needs it. the link stopped working for me today, and my template copy was mysteriously deleted off of my computer.

[1.4 alt]
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