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[MUL] Rhythm Heaven series - Multiple Songs

Started by flygon9, June 15, 2015, 08:57:43 PM

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Alright, call me crazy, but I think piano renditions of Remix 6 from Rhythm Tengoku, Remix 10 from Rhythm Heaven, and Remix 10 from Rhythm Heaven Fever would be awesome. As people who have played the games would know, these are the "end-game-combine-all-others" remixes. As such, I think it would be neat to see a little bit from every sub-game in one big piano/piano duet arrangement. Normally I would try to write these out myself, but A: I have notepad, which is VERY limited in what it can do, B: I don't have the necessary skill level required for a project like this, and C: The amount of clef changes/key changes/time sig. changes would be crazy. But still, I think it's an interesting and fun idea. Any thoughts?

(P.S.: If you have never played these games, I HIGHLY recommend that you do)