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Corny jokes that should never be told... but will.

Started by Dude, June 08, 2008, 02:33:00 PM

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What do you call a Frozen Father?
A Pop-Sicle!

Why did a fly travel with the chicken to the other side?
The chicken crossing the road never took a bath!
Woof woof! Er, I mean, beep beep!


How many therapists does it take to change a lightbulb?

Only one, but the lightbulb has to want to change first.


Quote from: sipan1234bow to the longest child ever


OOOO, i have so many, but they are all not good. as in i can't post them on teh forum. Their not perverted, its jus that they are plain wrong.


dont worry gooch
i posted my gandhi one  :P

It is GRAPE to see you
LETTUCE go to the movies


ok, thats pretty bad, so i guess i can tell some hellen keller jokes. But first, is anyone related to/takes offense to blind/deaf jokes? If so, simply don't finish this post.

Q: How did Hellen Keller's parents punish her?
A: They moved the furniture.

I'll post some more if you want, they'll be a little worse, though. especially one that im thinking of.


Ok, these are extremely random. i heard them from my cousin:

Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?
Because it was dead.

Why did the bird fall out of the tree?
Because it was stapled to the monkey!

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why did the chicken cross the street?
to get away from KFC.

(i do this next one all the time at school)

guess what i was doing the other night.


damn commies.





Why did your mom cross the street?

Who cares, why did she leave the kitchen? ;D


Bartender: Welcome to "Little John's"! What draft would you like, or would you care to drink our special today?
Man: What would your special happen to be?
Bartender: The Sherwood, it consists of our finest hops, gin, tonic, and raspberry essence along with a few of our own secrets.
Man: Hmm, so it's called the Sherwood?
Bartender: You would be correct, would you like one?
Man: Sure would.
Bartender: That is correct, would you like one?
Man: Sure Would
Bartender: (growing impatient) Yes, sir, that is correct, would you like one?
Man: Sure would
Bartender: You know what, fix your own drink, i can't handel stupid people who cannot handle the name Sherwood!
Man: (Slightly confused) Ok, then.


Why would you not tell a joke on thin ice?

What kind of jokes do corn like?

this one is a bit texas oriented, being the joke of rivalry between the Texas A&M Aggies versus the University of Texas Longhorns and this doesnt make sense a lot but..
AGGIES=A&M goers

There was a plane falling quickly. On the plane there was a pilot, 10 aggies, and a longhorn.
The plane was too heavy so the pilot said, "The plane is too heavy, throw off the luggage"
So they did. Then the pilot said, "It's still too heavy, hang on to the ceiling and kick off the floor," so somehow they kicked off the floor and hung on to the ceiling. Again the pilot said, "The plane is still too heavy, someone jump off" And then the longhorn said "I will jump off!"
And then all the aggies clapped.


I only know catch phrases or what ever they are called (Don't even start :P)
example: If you were a laser you'd be set to stunning (haha?)
Noob right here, any easy songs tell me, plz and thx.


Hmm, pickup lines. ok, i have one

"Hey baby, do you have a mirror in your pocket, cuz i can see myself in your pants!"


Woof woof! Er, I mean, beep beep!