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FOREWORD: Oh boy...I can't quite say that this was a dark time in my writing, but this story has special significance in my life. It is by far one of the biggest story-writing-related projects I've ever taken on, and that's coming from the guy who has an entire thread of stories he hasn't finished. I began this story around 6th grade-ish (I know this because I tried to finish the story for a class project...that didn't happen...kinda), and there are a couple reasons as to why it isn't finished, namely the fact that in April of 2008, I had my backpack stolen with my notebook in it that contained all of my plans for this story and several other things...I miss that backpack very much. :'( Anyways, there was a lot going for this story, and there was just ONE HUUUUUGE PROBLEM: At the time of writing this, I'd never played Majora's Mask before. Sure, I had seen my friend play it pretty much all the way through, and so I kinda understood the whole plot, etc. yada yada yada...only I didn't. At all. This is fairly evident if you read through what I have of the story...I won't point out specifics, but it is very clear that I'm really not sure of my lefts from my rights in terms of Majora's Mask's plot.

As messed up as it is, I was so damned proud of this piece of shit. In fact, on the document I'm pasting it from are dozens of little images I took from and pieced together on a Word doc to sort of illustrate what I was describing, and I spent HOURS trying to get the images to behave. Damn. I hope you guys love/hate this thing as much as I do. Just remember, I WAS IN 6TH GRADE. PLEASE.
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The Legend of Zelda:
Majora's Mask 2
Link had done it! He had defeated Majora's Mask!
Link went to the Mask Collector to give the dangerous mask to him. "I can't believe the evil has been sucked out of it!" The Mask Collector said as he looked at it.
Link was a 9 year-old boy with a green tunic, an ocarina (a blue, round instrument), a sword, and a Hylian shield.
The Mask Collector was a tall, brown haired man with a purple robe. He had a huge pack on his back covered with different masks.
Majora's Mask was a heart shaped mask with colored spikes on its sides. It has red and yellow eyes and different colored designs on the front.
The Mask Collector turned around and tossed the mask on his pack and started to disappear.
Just then, Majora's Mask hovered above the pack. The Mask Collector had disappeared.  The mask hovered high in the sky until all you saw was a tiny dot in the sky. It started going around, and around, and around until what Link saw scared him out of his wits.
In the sky was the evil moon that had threatened Termina before Link had defeated Majora's Mask.

The moon was a humongous sphere enemy that looked like a moon.
It had red eyes, nose and a mouth with very dirty teeth. Last time it appeared, Link had to go inside of it to defeat Majora's Mask.
The moon appeared to be moving downward. "Oh, no!! Not again!" link thought as he rolled his eyes. He'd have to defeat the mask all over again!
Link had to get inside the moon and defeat the mask (again) before it touched the surface of Clock Town.
Clock Town is a large town in the middle of Termina. Once, Link had to wait until midnight on the final of three days to get inside the moon on the top of the clock tower in Clock Town.
Then, the land started to change. Where Link was standing was now the outskirts of Lon Lon Ranch. Lon Lon Ranch is a ranch in the middle of Hyrule Field where Link received his pony, Epona.
Link looked up. The moon was in the sky. Somewhere in Hyrule it would land, probably on Hyrule castle!
Link also knew that the Mask Collector had a shop in the market just outside Hyrule Castle. He could go see him and tell him what had happened. So Link ran.

When Link got there, the Mask Collector was putting masks up for display. "We're close..." The Mask Collector started to say before he looked at his intruder. He looked surprised to see Link, gasping for air and holding his knees.
"Majora's Mask,(gasp, gasp) is evil again, (gasp, gasp) and the moon, (gasp, gasp) is in the sky!" Link burst out when the Mask Collector saw him.
"Ohhh, dear! I can't find Majora's Mask! Where could it be, oh, where could it be?!" The Mask Collector had completely ignored what Link had said.
"That's what I just said!" Link shouted angrily. "The moon that was above Clock Town is here above Hyrule Castle!"
"Oh my, oh my, oh my! Ohhhhhh, dear! Some of my masks are gone!" The Mask Collector panicked. "Do you mind trying to go find them?"
"Whatever," Link said.
"Thanks! Oh, by the way, here's a chart of all the masks I'm missing. Notice that there's a section with seven special masks."
"I don't see why they're so special." Link said.
"Well that's for me to know, and you- oh, how does that saying go again? Uh, well that's for me to know, and you, um, uh, not to know." The Mask Collector said. "If you could find those, for every one you find, I'll give you a special potion that gives you unlimited Magic (I think...)!"
Link, still frustrated, said, "Alright, deal. I'll find those masks, and you better give me those potions!!"
Last time Link was in a situation like this, he had three days. How long would he have this time? Perhaps half the time? If so, Link would have until tomorrow night!
"Where should I start my quest?" Link thought. "Zora's Domain, Goron City, Gerudo Fortress, the Graveyard, or Lost Woods?
All these places were places where Link had gone when an evil sorcerer, Ganondorf, had taken over Hyrule.
Link decided to start at the Lost Woods, so he headed towards Kokiri Forest.
Kokiri Forest is a forest town where the residents never grow up. Lost Woods is just beyond Kokiri Forest. You can easily get lost in the woods (thus the name, Lost Woods). If you know the right way to go, you could find yourself at the Sacred Forest Meadow, the home of Link's good friend, Saria. It's also the entrance to the Forest Temple.
Link was walking by the Kokiri pond when he saw a group of frogs hopping around. However, one frog was sitting on a rock, staring at Link. Another frog jumped up and bumped the frog. It fell over and showed its hollow, dome- shaped backside. It wasn't a frog at all! It was one of the masks from the chart! The chart said it was called the Don Gero's Mask. Link jumped to the rock and put the mask in a safe place.
When Link found his way through the Lost Woods, he was at the Sacred Forest Meadow. As he tried to make it through the maze, a moblin saw him. Usually, the ugly, armor-wearing, bulldog-like creatures would charge after you, but instead, it just walked on. 
When Link got to Saria, she said, "Are you lost, little one?" Saria was a young lady, about 12, with green hair and a green tunic as well.
Link tried to say "I am not lost, and I am not little!!", but he heard a Deku Scrub.
"What's that, little Deku Scrub?" Saria said.
"DEKU SCUB!?!?!?!?!" Link thought. He ran to a nearby puddle. He saw his reflection and saw that it was true, he was a Deku Scrub!!!
Deku Scrubs are creatures that look like piles of leaves with red eyes and a wooden, tube-like mouth.
"Oh, man! Not again!" Link thought. Once, Link had been turned into a Deku Scrub by the Skull kid because the Skull kid was upset that he had no friends. That's how this whole mess started. "How do I communicate with any one? When did I turn into a Deku Scrub??" Link thought.
Link would have to do something about it. He wanted to start his adventure, but he didn't want to be a Deku Scrub.
Just then, a black hand came out of the Forest Temple and grabbed Saria. Then it went back in with Saria as its hostage. Link didn't have a choice to stay a Deku Scrub or not! He had to get into the Forest Temple and get Saria out.

The only ways Link can get to high places when he's a Deku Scrub are flowers, big flowers. Since the entrance to the Forest Temple is on a ledge high above Link's Deku Scrub head, he searched for one on the ground. When he found one, he hopped into it, pulled his two small flowers he uses to propel himself out, leaped out of the flower, and landed safely on the ledge, and then he went inside.
The Forest Temple is filled with traps and treasure. Winding passageways and an elevator. A temple with four floors: two basements and two stories.
Link found that some parts of the temple could only be completed as a Hylian. So he looked for a place where he could turn Hylian.
Link found a dark room with only the sun pouring onto the floor through a window. Link stepped into the light. A song was playing in the air and it took Link a while before he figured out that it was the song of healing.  The soft melody lifted Link up and turned him Hylian again.
Then a mask came into the sight onto the ground. It was a deku scrub mask.
Just then, an armored skeleton fell from the ceiling. Then another, and another. Stalfos were attacking.
Link wanted to kill them all in one shot with his hookshot, but it wasn't there! In fact, none of his weapons were with him except for his sword and shield.
So Link defeated them all one-by-one with his sword. When they were gone, a chest appeared out of nowhere. Link opened the chest and found his boomerang.
"My boomerang! . . . But that's only one out of all the weapons I had." Link thought to himself.
Link finally got to the bottom floor and found Saria, surrounded by a black vortex, in which a black hand hid, also known as a floormaster. But before Link could get to defeat it, it grabbed Saria and disappeared.
"Oh, great! I have to play hide-and-seek with her again!" Link thought. Then the walls started shifting. A door came into sight.
Link opened the door and went inside. Link found Saria in the center of the room. It looked like a trap. Link started to approach Saria when a giant plant came up from the floor and swallowed her up. Link recognized the plant as Kalle Demos.
Kalle Demos was a tangled mass of barbed tendrils and vines that lash out from a carnivorous flower. It used its vines to hold itself to the ceiling.

Link used his boomerang to the vines to make the plant fall. When it did, Link would go to the center of the flower and slash away at the weakest part of Kalle Demos.
When Link finished whittling away Kalle Demos, Saria was released. While heading out of the temple, Saria told Link of what had happened in the temple while she was kidnapped. She also gave Link a mask that she found inside Kalle Demos.
Link looked at the mask and at the chart. It was one of the seven special masks! He could get a potion from the Mask Collector now!
Link decided to get the potion and continue his adventure by heading to the gorons.
Gorons are large, brown creatures that look like they've been carved out of stone. They live high on Death Mountain in Goron City.
Walking up the mountain, Link crossed the path of a wildly jumping dodongo wearing a yellow hood with bunny ears.

"Help!! Help!!! Get this thing off me! I can't take it anymore!!!" The dodongo cried. It appeared that the bunny hood was causing the dodongo's jumpiness.
Quickly, Link jumped, caught the dodongo and tore the bunny hood off. "Oh, thank you, thank you!!! Here you can keep it. I certainly don't want it," the dodongo said gratefully. Link took the bunny hood and headed to Goron City.
All the gorons were tucked into their stomachs and rolling around Goron City. The leader (and the biggest), Darunia, however, was not.
"Some horrible monster has convinced them that rolling is the only transportation we have," he exclaimed. "My problem is that it's not, and no one is even going to stand up for me to TELL THEM THAT!!!" Darunia roared.
"Well do you know where this monster is?" Link asked.
"Most likely in the Fire Temple or Dodongo's Cavern." Darunia replied. "I think it can sense someone from anywhere on the mountain. So which ever dungeon you go to, be prepared to fight the monster."
"That's kind of hard..." Link mumbled.
"I am not sure what it looks like." Darunia added.
Link decided to go the Fire Temple. He bought a few potions and walked to the dungeon.

When Link got there, he realized that he felt a lot heavier. Then he looked down at himself. He had a big, brown belly- just like a goron! Link had turned into a goron! So Link went through the temple, looking for an antidote, once again.
In a chamber, deep in the temple, out of the surrounding lava popped four lizalfos. Lizalfos are human- sized lizards wearing battle armor. Quickly, the lizalfos whittled poor goron Link down to almost nothing, when Link pulled out his magic potion and drank it. He was lifted up, turned into Hylian again, and set back down. The lizalfos were frozen, staring at where Link had been lifted. All of a sudden, they burst into flame.
Well Link figured that if he got any more of those potions, he could use them to turn him Hylian again if he turns into anything else.
An odd wind picked up the ashes. The ashes formed a mask Link believed to be a goron. He picked it up and put it in his pocket. In the center of the room, a chest appeared. Link opened the chest and found a Cane of Pacci.
Then, the platform dropped Link onto another platform below. On the platform in front of it, was a door in which Link figured was the monster that was fooling the gorons.
He went through the door to find a pool of lava in the center of the room. When Link approached it, a huge dragon came out and roared. He figured out that it was Gleerok. Gleerok was a dragon- like beast with a hard shell protecting its body. Link knew he had gotten a Cane of Pacci for something. He cast a spell at Gleerok with it. Gleerok's shell popped off and fell into the lava. Link noticed that Gleerok's neck was extended out to the edge of the lava pool. He also noticed that he had a yellowish- gold crystal on his back, which was probably his weak spot!
Then, Gleerok unfroze and started roaring again. Its shell had grown back. After that, it spit fire at Link. His tunic got a little burned, but since Link was wearing his special, fire- proof, red Goron Tunic, it didn't matter.

Link used the Cane of Pacci again. Gleerok's shell popped off again. Link climbed over Gleerok's neck, pulled out his sword and hacked away at the gold crystal. Link climbed back over before Gleerok unfroze.

When it did, Link hit it with the Cane of Pacci one last time before Gleerok exploded. Three out of the four pieces of its shell fell into the lava. The fourth piece landed by Link's feet. Link checked the mask chart to see that it was the second of the seven special masks he'd found.
So Link left the Fire temple and decided to once again pick up another potion. On his way, all the gorons in Goron City were walking around. Link had succeeded.
When at the mask shop, Link swore he saw Majora's Mask hanging on the rack of masks. He told the Mask Collector what he saw. He looked and didn't see anything. Link stared at the mask. Pretty soon, the mask blinked at him and disappeared.
"Uh- oh!" Link said to himself. "That can't be good!!"
The ground started shaking. A harsh wind whipped through the door, and tore down all the masks on the wall until a safe came into view. The wind until a small tornado in the middle of the store with the masks. Suddenly, the wind stopped. The masks dropped to the floor. The ground was still shaking.
Link and the Mask Collector ran out of the market to see what was going on. On the other side of a small creek west of the Market, a castle formed out of the rock. Link stared at the castle closely. Then he headed back to the mask shop with the mask collector.
Link pointed at the safe and asked, "What's that for?"
"That's for my 'other' items. I don't sell those. But since you've given me two masks, you can have one," the Mask Collector replied. "Also, for every two masks you give me, you can also take one."
Link peered into the safe to find bombs, the mirror shield, the ocarina of time, a gust jar, and the lens of truth. Link decided to take the bombs, and leave the good stuff for later.
Link gave himself a rest and decided to wait until nightfall to    investigate the new castle.
Link fell asleep. He woke up a long time later. The Moon was seconds from crashing into Hyrule castle!! Link was asleep for too long! Link stood up, feeling dizzy, staring at the moon, watching it crush Hyrule Castle, there was nothing he could do. Link fainted.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!" Link woke up. It was only a dream, only a dream...
It was nightfall when Link woke up. Link headed over to the castle. When he got there, he found a sign that said,


"What's that supposed to mean?" Link thought. "Oh well, I have to go in there anyways."
Link went into the dungeon and found fifteen redeads walking about. Link had never seen redeads walk so fast. The only time Link had ever seen redeads walk was when they were coming to suffocate him. They certainly weren't walking towards him.

A redead walked up to Link and stared at him. Not with the red eyes that say, "I'm going to suffocate you!", but with an unsmiling face that said, "Hello!"
Link then realized why they hadn't attacked him. He must have been a redead! Link quickly drank his potion and turned Hylian again; but the redeads didn't burst into flames like the lizalfos did. Nothing happened at all.
The redeads stared at Link with their red eyes and "I'm going to suffocate you!" look.
Link took out his newly acquired bombs and blew the zombies to bits. When they were all gone, nothing appeared. Not even the slightest treasure chest. This told Link something bigger was coming.
Link was bothered by all the redead bodies. Usually, they died (again), and puffed into smoke. He noticed something on the wall. Link walked up to it and saw that it was a song inscribed into the stone. He took out his ocarina and played the song. It was the Song of Healing. All the dead redead bodies puffed into smoke. The smoke turned into a redead mask. Link was happy.
Link ventured through the temple, battling countless redeads and stalfos. Pretty soon, Link came to a giant, donut- shaped room where the walls were lined with stood up coffins Link figured that if he didn't want to dilly-dally and waste time, he'd have to take on whatever was in those coffins all at once.
Link ran around the room. The coffins opened like dominoes, opening left then right, left then right. As fast as Link ran, that's how fast the coffins opened.
As scared as Link was to think of what could have come out of those coffins, he was oddly surprised to see little, one-eyed, brown insects that hopped around, even though they had two legs. They were about five times the size of an egg. One of the insects saw Link and blasted him with a laser beam from its one eye. Link was horrified. He took out a bomb and blasted a group of them.
Then Link thought, "Hey! What if I could use one of my masks to help me get the job done?" So Link pulled out his goron mask and became a goron. Then he tucked himself into his stomach and rolled over the rest of the insects. His efforts were rewarded with a hookshot.
So Link wandered around the rest of the dungeon until he saw a door that was across a monstrous gap. The gap was filled with poisonous gas. Link looked for a piece of wood somewhere so he could shoot his hookshot and get across the gap. He found some hidden in the door way. Link soared across the gap and went inside.
Link was not expecting to find what he found. He saw a dark, wasteland of cobwebs and a small bunch of the insects Link had fought earlier.
Then, something fell from the ceiling and landed on the insects. After that, whatever fell from the ceiling opened its eye that gave away who it was. It was Gohma, the arachnid queen.
Link had figured it all out. Gohma was the insect queen from the sign, and those things that he had fought in the donut- shaped coffin room were her spawn!
The spawn leaped at Link. He took out a bomb and threw at them. By the time the smoke had cleared, Gohma was gone.
"Well that was easy-" Link said to himself.

Before Link could get out of the way, Gohma fell from the ceiling once more and trampled Link. "-Guess not!" Link mumbled.
Link got up and threw bombs randomly at the spawn to get rid of them.
When they were gone, Link shot his hookshot at Gohma to stun her. While she was stunned, Gohma's eye turned blue. Link ran over to the eye and slashed it like there was no tomorrow (and there was a good chance of that, too).
Gohma laid another spawn to attack Link while she climbed to the top of the room. The spawn had trapped Link so that Gohma could land on him, but when she unattached from the ceiling, Link dove out of the way and she landed onto the spawn.
Link repeated the process of hookshot- sword- then spawn until Gohma was finally nothing. Gohma's eye popped out of its socket and landed on one of the remaining spawn. The eyeball then rolled over to Link.
Link peeled off the spawn. He checked the chart because he thought it might have been a mask. Sure enough, he was right!
When Link left the dungeon, he was proud as could be. He'd conquered three dungeons and its still night of the first half day. He has until tomorrow night to complete the other four.
Link then felt strange. It was four in the morning, and no sign of the sun appeared; it looked like it was still midnight. Something weird was going on.
Suddenly, an eerie light came from Lon Lon Ranch. Screams and neighs echoed throughout Hyrule Field. Link ran to the ranch to see what had happened.

While Link was running, a skeletal hand came up from the ground and grabbed his ankle. He tripped and landed on the face of a boar.

"AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!" Link yelled. Then he realized, "This isn't the face of a boar, it's a mask!" The chart said that it was the Mask of Scents.

Link put the mask in his pocket and realized that there were two stalchilds behind him! He grabbed his sword and sliced the stalchildren in two.
When Link got to the ranch, he was almost blinded by how bright the eerie light was. In the light, a shadow appeared. Link could tell by the shadow that it was Phantom Ganon, one of the three versions of Ganondorf, which told Link that not only would he have to fight Majora's Mask, but Ganondorf as well.
Besides that, there was a gigantic mob of redeads with Phantom Ganon.  Most importantly, Phantom Ganon was cursing Epona to become his new evil steed. Once Epona was cursed, Phantom Ganon and Epona took off into the night and left Link with the mob of redeads.
Link took care of the zombies by bombing them, slashing them, rolling over them while wearing the goron mask, and just plain bashing them until finally the strange eerie light disappeared and the redeads were all gone. In honor of what Link had done, Talon, the ranch owner gave Link a bow and arrow.

Then, little Malon, Talon's daughter, came over and said, "Here, Link, take this mask my friend, Romani, gave me. She lives at Romani Ranch in Termina," she handed Link a mask that looked like a cow. Link checked the chart again to see that it was a mask the Mask Collector was missing.
Link ran to the Mask Collector to get another potion, and then quickly rushed to Zora's River.

When he got there, he found that a gate blocked the way in. There was a sign that said:

-The Zoras

Link knew that the zoras were always fine with others coming to the river. This had to be a hoax. Link saw that the gate did not extend into the water, so he could just enter under the gate.
When Link got to the other side of the gate, he stayed in the water because the cold feeling felt oddly comfortable. Link followed the river until he saw a thief, putting on a costume that was obviously supposed to be a zora.

A zora is a light bluish water creatures with fins flippers that live in a cave called Zora's Domain. Their king is quite large, and sits on top of a waterfall inside the domain. The path that follows the waterfall leads to Lord Jabu- Jabu, the god that the zoras all worship. Once, Jabu- Jabu swallowed Link!

The thief saw Link and started attacking him and shouted, "I thought you were dead!"
This confused Link. The thieves arrested him, but never once did they try to kill him. Once, Link even made friends with them!
So Link got out of the water and fought the thief. He punched her one last time, and saw a turquoise- pale arm with the same colored fin- Link was a zora! The thief toppled to the ground.
Link quickly drank his potion and became Hylian once more, just when the thief looked up and said, "Link? I thought you left for Termina!"
"I did," Link said. "Now what are you doing with the zoras?" . . . Link did not get an answer.
The thief got up and ran into Hyrule Field, probably heading to their fortress in the desert.
While wearing his zora mask Link maneuvered his way through the rest of the river, battle more thieves and octoroks. Octoroks are squid- like sea creatures that spit rocks at people. Soon, Link came to a large waterfall that held the entrance to Zora's Domain. Link climbed up the waterfall and entered the domain.
Zora's Domain was empty. Not even gigantic King Zora was sitting on his throne. A bunch of zora bodies were lying everywhere. Link took off his mask.
"Hello?" Link called. "Anybody there?" The emptiness gave a loud echo that hurt Link's ears.
Link heard a splash.

"Who's there?" Link shouted. Link saw a bluish, female zora.
"It's me, Link. Remember me, Princess Ruto?" She said.
"Princess Ruto?!" Link exclaimed. "I thought you became the Water Temple sage!"
"I did, but they sent me back to save my father, that's when I found out that thieves had blocked the entrance to the river and killed a bunch of zoras. So, I decided not to go back until I found my father." Princess Ruto said. "He's not dead, his body isn't anywhere."
"Where do you think he might've gone?" Link asked her.
"... Link, there's something I didn't tell you in the Water Temple." Princess Ruto said. "Morpha wasn't the only evil in the Water Temple; theres another called Arrghus. My father didn't think you could fetch me from the Water Temple, so he didn't ask you to defeat Arrghus in the first place. He didn't know about Morpha. When you came back, he thought it would be embarrassing to ask you to go fight Arrghus when you had just defeated Morpha! We need to go find him, stop him, and fight Arrghus!"
"First of all, no, no, and no. I'll do it. You stay here and I'll go find your dad," Link protested.
"But..." Princess Ruto started to say, but Link had already gone. "Link? Where'd you go?"
Link had found the secret entrance to Lake Hylia in the lake that Jabu- Jabu used to rest in. Link entered it.
Link popped out at Lake Hylia. He had almost run out of breath, so Link put on his special Zora Tunic that lets him breath underwater.
Link peered at the island in the center of the lake. Just behind it, there was a big splash that looked like a fountain. The water fell back onto the lake. Link decided to follow the splash.
Where the splash was was the entrance to the Water Temple. Link dove underwater and entered the temple.
When Link entered the temple, he dove to try to get to the doors underwater, but since he couldn't keep low in the water, he floated to the top of the water and    got onto the platform in the center of the room. Link circled the platform counter- clockwise until he spotted a door on the wall. Link swam to the door and went inside.
Behind Link, bars locked the door so he couldn't get out. Two tektites fell from the ceiling and jumped on Link.
Tektites are blue, one- red- eyed creatures with reddish legs that have hollow, sharp, ragged claws.
Link tried to make the tektites let go of him, but it was no use. When they finally let go, Link was hurt so badly, that if the tektites jumped on him again, he would faint, and Link had no potions he could use to get better.
Just when Link had been at hopes end, three hearts appeared in one of the corners of the room. He was just about to grab them, when the water level began to rise.
Link couldn't get down to the hearts, so he was dragged to the top of the room. The room was filled with water almost up to it's top when the ceiling opened up. When the water stopped rising, Link jumped to a nearby platform with a chest on it.
Link opened the chest to find a pair of Iron Boots. He put them on and sank to the bottom. He grabbed the three hearts just before they disappeared.
Then, Link took off his Iron Boots and floated back to the top of the room to find a like-like. Before he could do anything, the slimy, yellowish spotted black hole creature swallowed Link.

"Oh, no!" Link thought. Link was worried. Usually, like-likes swallowed people and spit them out, missing something they had with them, or maybe the like-like had taken nothing at all. Link couldn't afford to lose anything else!
Link could fell that the like-like was moving. Before long, the like- like stopped moving. The like-like opened its mouth and in popped (wouldn't you know it?) Princess Ruto.
"Oh, boy," she said.
"I told you to not follow me!" Link shouted at her.
"Sorry! You knew I wouldn't stay put for long!" Princess Ruto replied.
"Now take me along and I'll give you this thing I snatched from an octorok. It looks pretty important," she taunted.
Link looked at what she had in her hands. It was a stone mask! Link checked the chart. It was the fourth mask he had found other than the special ones.
Link agreed and took the stone mask from the Princess Ruto.
Before Link could say, "Look out!" the like-like opened its mouth and spit Princess Ruto out.
It was quiet. Link heard a feint "sploosh" outside of the like-like.
Link had to get to Princess Ruto before it was too late and she thought he had abandoned her. Link acted quickly. He looked around the like- like for a way to get out. Then, Link saw the uvula. If he slashed the uvula, the like- like would get sick and spit Link out. Before he tried, he stuck his iron boots on.
Then Link tested his theory. He was shot into the air and landed onto a platform with a door. Link had just barely fallen off the edge.
Link was dizzy. He stepped forward and fell off the platform into the water below. Link quickly sank to the bottom of the big room. He found it very strange that there was sand on the floor of the room. There were small, metal balls sitting in the sand. Link approached them and spikes burst out and they started rolling to him.
Link couldn't do anything to destroy them. If he pulled out his sword, he wouldn't be able to pick it up. If he used his boomerang, it would just float to the top. But Link's hookshot... He felt for his hookshot. It wasn't there! The like-like must've eaten it! So Link took off his iron boots and floated to the top of the water.
Link climbed onto the platform that he had jumped off. He opened the door and walked through the hallway. At the end of the hallway, there was a door that used to lead to Morpha. Link entered the room to find pure devastation. The room was filled with like-likes!!!
"One of those like-likes must have my hookshot," Link wondered.
Link had to get his hookshot back! So he battled the like-likes. When he found his hookshot, Link avoided the rest of the like-likes and left the room.
Link shut the door and locked it. "Cool..." he heard behind him. Link turned to see a hideous female redead.
"What the heck?" Link wondered.
"Boo!" The female redead said.
"Princess Ruto? Is that you? If you want me to think you're a redead, it's not going to work because redeads don't talk!" Link said
"I was just having fun," said the princess.
"Take that off and give it back!" Link said angrily. "I don't have time for goofing off!"

"Fine, take it," Princess Ruto gave him the redead mask.
All of a sudden, a loud "Ooooohhhh!" came from the door east of them.
"DAD!!" Princess Ruto took off and ran to the door and went inside. Link followed her.
Link went through the door and followed the passageway until he found a door. Screams were coming from it. Link entered the room to find Princess Ruto and King Zora tied up next to a tree in the center of the room. The tree was on a tiny island in a gigantic room with water covering the floor.
"Mmmhhpff!" King Zora squealed. Obviously he was trying to tell him something. The two zoras mouths were tied up, so they couldn't talk very well.
Then Link noticed King Zora's fingers. They were tightly wrapped together, but Link could see that they were pointing to the right. Link looked and saw a gigantic, red, one- eyed, snail shell with yellow tentacles hanging from the opening of the shell. It must have been Arrghus. Link's eyes opened wide.
Arrghus was asleep. Quietly, Link took out his sword and tiptoed over to the sleeping Arrghus. As he was about to strike, the monster awoke and powerfully knocked Link to the floor.
Injured and helpless, Link got up to find Arrghus covered in a bunch of Arrghi. "What the-?" Link wondered.
Link used his hookshot to drive the Arrghi away. When the Arrghi got caught on the hookshot, they flew back to Link and he slashed them with his sword. While they were gone, Link shot his hookshot at Arrghus's eye. It flew right towards Link. He didn't know what to do!
Quickly, Link dove out of the way. Arrghus's shell smacked against the wall.
Arrghus just lay there, dazed. Link ran over to it and sliced its eyeball. Angry, Arrghus got up and summoned more Arrghi to protect him.
Link had to repeat the process two more times until Arrghus's shell cracked into pieces.
A piece of its shell, about the size of a cymbal, fell on top of King Zora's big head. Link climbed up him and grabbed what Link thought was a mask.
Then, Link untied the princess and King Zora. On the way out of the temple, Princess Ruto gave a lecture to her father about leaving his throne to escape and leave his people to die. Link said goodbye and headed to the Mask Collector to get a new potion and pick up another item, the Mirror Shield.
Link left the mask shop and headed to the desert as his next stop. So Link took off, bought supplies and took off for the Spirit Temple.

The End
(For Now, At Least)

(not my drawing)
Party Hard!