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Re: Cashwarrior1's Music *New* Jungle

Started by cashwarrior1, October 01, 2015, 07:05:50 PM

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New Song!

New Sheet Music!
Voices [Mus]

This one has a more classical style to it and I hope people enjoy playing/listening to it!


So I was wondering how "Battle! Trainer!" and "Battle! Gym Leader!" would sound on piano and thought it'd be cool to play them, so I made piano arrangements of both of them. I think they sound great, although I had to cut out some of the bass in place for having typical "VGM bass". It'd be cool to play them, except that they're both pretty hard looking/sounding and it might take a while :P.

Other Music!
Battle! Ver. 1 [Mus] [Pdf] [Midi]
Battle! Ver. 2 [Mus] [Pdf] [Midi]
"15" [Mus]

Edit: Oh! I forgot, I also added "15" as a two piano arrangement of my KORG song, "15"


I listened to the first battle and while it sounds really cool and does bring to mind an RPG battle, it doesn't sound like pokemon.  I guess you're missing the basic pokemon motif that appears in a lot of battles.  Also, those G flats should probably be F sharps c:

Now I listened to the second one, which has the same non-pokemon issue as the first.  Also, both of these could be formatted better, but if all you're going for is the midi file I guess it doesn't make a huge difference :P


Well, at first I was going for pokemon, but then I decided that just typical RPG would be better/easier.


I have finally got my band camp up! Yay!

The first album I'm putting is "Epic Adventure" which is a bunch of RPG-sounding songs. Although you guys can just download them here for free, you should still support me because not all orchestrated songs will be free here. From now on, I will be putting orchestrations straight from my piano songs on here (no more "other" :() but you can still listen to them on my band camp 10 times before purchasing.


if you're not going for pokemon anymore then they are Deece (tm)


Got some new stuff!

Piano Songs
I'm renaming "The Universe" to "Overlook"
Also, I'm bringing back the original "The Universe". [Mus]

Other songs
I've made Apple Wood Forest longer [Mus]

Overlook [Mp3]

Overlook is probably my favorite song since Escape.


New Song! Today's song is Deep in the Cave, which is one of the songs in my first album "Epic Adventure". Please enjoy!


New Song! Today's song is the Theme Song! It's a silly song that's really fun!


I like this. It's bouncy, upbeat, and it puts me in a good mood.
Also I can see what you mean about the whole "naming" thing.
My Arrangements (All Outdated)
My Compositions (All Outdated)
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New Album! This is my second album, and as tradition of being second, "The Galaxy" is the theme! It's only 3$ for 5 songs for a Space Adventure! Hope you enjoy!


New Song! Today's song is called "Overlook", which is actually one of the songs on my newest album! Enjoy!

Now, I know I haven't been putting much new sheet music. That's because I was working on my latest album, but now that that's finished, I'll try to start getting more songs!


Time to start this up again!  ;D

This time, I'm not going to make promises about uploading music frequently as I rarely get to doing so  :P

Anyways, I've changed all the "Mus" files to "Midi" files so everyone can enjoy! Yay!
Also, I've added 2 new songs!
Clouds [Midi]
Sea Star Spa (it's in the "Other" category) [Midi]

Please listen to my music and tell me what you think!