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Old Runescape

Started by Pianist Da Sootopolis, December 16, 2015, 04:50:21 PM

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Pianist Da Sootopolis

Soooo I started playing Old RS (2007 edition with some minor tweaks) a while back, and then the whole school thing happened and I didn't touch it for ~6 weeks or so. Winter break is coming up so I was wondering the possibility of playing again...
only to find out my account was reset.
Anyone know any fixes to this?

tbh I'll be surprised if anyone knows what I'm talking about
what is shitpost


No clue how that happened after only 6-ish weeks. Did someone else bot on your acc? Did it get reset on both osrs and regular rs (idk if they do it separately or not). How much progress was lost? I'm not sure if you can even appeal to jagex or not (effectively anyways).  Also, I doubt this is the case but maybe you logged into a deadman server and didn't realize? Hopefully it works out for you in the end.

Pianist Da Sootopolis

After some research I found out I'm not alone in this. People's accounts have been mass disappearing, but I guess it's fixed now.
Idk Jagex.. if I lose this next one, you're out the window..
what is shitpost