Arrangement Contest No. 7 in D-double-flat minor "Seasoning"

Started by Latios212, December 28, 2015, 08:22:09 PM

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I'm kinda awful at trying to jump into a conversation I'm not part of already, I think. (Also, I live some hours in the future because of time zones, so I'm usually most available when everyone's busy working/school/idk en everyone's available when I'm sleeping)

I'll try to be somewhat more active again, I'll just have to start


I should say that my feedback is short sweet and to the point due to that being how I judge in real life. I don't bother with extra words that aren't needed.
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I really super enjoyed participating and I especially enjoyed listening to everyone else's entries. I loved your piece, Bloop, because of the incredible tree imagery it evoked. Music like that is such a breath of fresh air. Your winter theme was my favorite out of everyone's. It has an incredible sense of insightful patience like a barren tree in winter. (Sorry that I can't words). Your whole piece had the best sense of completion. And I just love trees.

Insig, your Autumn is one of those pieces that's so powerful that I can't listen to it unless I'm in the right place at the right time and in the right atmosphere. That's such a good thing. I can't just listen to it anywhere. It's too good for that. You weaved such beautiful emotion into every one of your seasons. Your Spring is gorgeous. The mood it captures is completely unexpected, but I love it. And as a saxophonist, I enjoyed your Winter section so much. (I will play it.)

I'm so impressed by everyone's great instrumentation for larger ensembles. I write lots of chamber music, but I'm not experienced with thick orchestration. So yours, Maestro, is so incredibly impressive to me. Your Summer is my absolute favorite. It takes the listener so many places we don't expect to go. That's perfect because there's such a great variety of energy and emotion hanging about in the air on summer nights.  It's exhilarating and so beautifully written. Congratulations, too!

Thank you all, and I'm really sorry I wrote all this! I didn't expect to.
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Quote from: Oronoco on March 03, 2016, 06:30:22 PMThank you all, and I'm really sorry I wrote all this! I didn't expect to.
On the contrary, I really enjoy reading the commentary. I was afraid this topic would be devoid of activity save for sign-ups and posting results. I encourage discussion of the pieces even if you're not a judge haha! What's not important is who wins; what's important is that we get to share these awesome arrangement with each other to enjoy ^^

...I haven't even written down my thoughts yet either. Oops.
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You did it maestro! gg lmk if you want an msp sig/avatar or w/e (though it doesn't seem like you're the type for those sort of things). Or I'll do one for someone else that you choose if you don't want one for yourself idk just lmk.
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Congratulations to everybody who participated, and our winner Maestro! It was super fun listening to and judging your respective pieces. I can't wait to see what everyone creates next time around!


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