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NSM Erotic Friend Fiction Vol. 2

Started by Dude, January 03, 2016, 07:13:42 PM

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Features: FSM, manio, mariolegofan, MaestroUGC, Dudeman, and Braixen

chapter 1

FMS_Repr stard boardly at the ace cream trailr thing he had. "fukin hate this job" he mumbld and strted eaten summ ise cream. it was vnailla, his favrote. he waantd to go pley kid ickerass wit his frands but he neded monies. so he sucked up his praid and kep woking.

nsfw i guess don't click if you don't like
xhapter 2

manio was the louest of the lou, the scom of the scom, the stank of teh stank, the... oh you probably git it by now... ANYHOO, wit a van ful of underage kids like marolegfan, mastroUGH, dudman, and brakes, he puled intoo teh perkin spase of the perk and let al his kiddiesss out to git som ise cram. he saw a tre that loked odly womonshapped and proceded to fuk it wit nooooo luuuuuube.

catper 3

mairolugiafan wass tha fist to rech teh ice crem stand. "GIMME SOME ASS CREAM" he yeled at FMS. "ug" thot FSM "here's a pice of work rite here" and gav him som crem. the oters came after and sad "WE WONT SOM TO". FSM loked pised butt gave thm wat thy wantd. they at and shut up for a while then and all was good.

chtpr 4

manio cam back from fukin the tre so hard he stil hade a bonr. he notisd fsm givn the kids he gathrd up ice cram and waled up to him. "ar yu givin mah kids som tainted food??" he assed real meanlike. "what" FMS was supr wierded out by dis guy but couldn't do anythang. manio cam closr, his brath smeling like ass, "I WILL CUT YOU" he thretnd. FSM puched him in da nose and mano started cring. "wtf is going on i don't even. i'm calling the police" fsm said.

chaptr 5

the popo came and put maino in a mentl faculity, the cildren wer fourced to live on the strets and eat out of dumpstrs, and fsm won the lotery and quit his job.

the end


for the record I did not sign up for this

...I don't think anyone did
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This is AMAZING. Can't wait for Chapter 2.
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i weit ages for dis but i not evn git beg rol in sotry
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I could have written a terrible backstory for each of you about how manio got a hold of you but i thought that'd be too much.



This ranks up there with some of the greats: Gilgamesh, Hamlet, David Copperfield, My Immortal. Truly, a one of a kind masterpiece.


Not only a masterpiece, but a staple of the forums.

Rait 9/10 nieds too be longr nest time pls
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I feel enlightened and slightly more motivated after reading this.
And the moral of the story: Quit while you're a head.

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So much ass lmao.

Do I get a truck next time? xD

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