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JZ’s Arrangements - #12&13 ("The Tomorrow With You";"Riki the Legendary Heropon"

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Xenoblade Chronicles
. . . . . Agniratha, Mechonis Capital [ON SITE]
. . . . . Riki the Legendary Heropon [MIDI] [MP3] [PDF] [MuseScore]

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition
. . . . . Beyond the Sky (Acoustic Arrangement) [ON SITE]

Xenoblade Chronicles 2
. . . . . One Last You (Piano Arrange) [MIDI] [MP3] [PDF] [MuseScore]
. . . . . The Past Revealed [MIDI] [MP3] [PDF] [MuseScore]
. . . . . Sea of Clouds [ON SITE]
. . . . . The Tomorrow With You [MIDI] [MP3] [PDF] [MuseScore]

Xenoblade Chronicles X
. . . . . no2=THEMEX [MIDI] [MP3] [PDF] [MuseScore]
. . . . . no4=D91M (Requiem) [MuseScore]
. . . . . no9=MONOX [MIDI] [PDF]
. . . . . MNN+@0・ (Ma-non Ship (Day)) [MIDI] [MP3] [PDF] [MuseScore]
. . . . . X-BT1 (BLADE Barracks) [MIDI] [MP3] [PDF] [MuseScore]
. . . . . z15f20i12e09l14d (Vocals Only) [MIDI] [MP3] [PDF] [MuseScore]

Other arrangements
. . . . . By My Side from Xenoblade Chronicles X (Vocal lead sheet) [PDF]
. . . . . Kokoro from Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht (Vocal lead sheet) [PDF]
. . . . . Small Two of Pieces ~Screeching Shards from Xenogears (Vocal lead sheet) [PDF]
. . . . . So nah, so fern from Xenoblade Chronicles X (Vocal lead sheet) [PDF]
. . . . . The way from Xenoblade Chronicles X (Piano & Vocal arrangement) [MIDI] [PDF]

Why just the PDF?


--- Quote from: Maelstrom on May 27, 2016, 03:34:32 AM ---Why just the PDF?

--- End quote ---


I'm a little bit confused by what you're saying. I probably should have clarified that I'm new at this and don't really know what to do. :X

Edit: Okay, I think I understand what you're saying now after looking other people's thread. I removed the link to my YouTube video (sounds like it's frowned upon here?) and added a link to the midi. Question: How do I convert to .mus and .musx?

It's not frowned upon (as far as I know) as multiple people have youtube accounts with their own arrangements (and some of them post it here). People just usually link to the original soundtrack on youtube

Depending on what software you use to write out arrangements, you'll have to either
1) Export it as an XML file, then import into Finale (which is what we use; 2012 notepad is free). There will most likely be some formatting errors in result of that, so you'll have to either copy it into a template file or have someone else make the necessary changes
2) Write it out by hand on Finale if it can't export as an XML file. If you decide to write it out on MuseScore (which might be easier as it's a better free program than notepad), do step 1. Also, there's a Finale 2014 demo that's available for a month if you'd like to use it while you can

.MUSX is just the file type for Finale 2014

If you need help, well... there's a help section for template files or so people can do stuff like change key signatures in the middle of a song for you (as notepad can't)

Regarding the sheet itself, it sounds nice! But the vocal part kind of collides with the piano part, and since someone is going to be singing that part in lieu of playing it separately on the piano, you should use another instrument for it (like a voice or perhaps an oboe, idk). Also the lyrics collide with the notes at times, you shouldn't use dotted rests when it's not in a compound time signature, and I think grace notes would look better than 32nd notes, but that's your choice

Poll time! PLEASE VOTE! :D Stealing Maelstrom's idea

This is late, but better late than never! Thanks Zeila for your critique/suggestion!

I'm going to make a solo piano arrangement for The Way and hopefully it can be submitted without a lot of issues. Then I plan on arranging Agniratha, Mechonis Capital. Then I'll focus on doing the song that gets the most vote!


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