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NSM Erotic Friend Fiction Vol. 3

Started by Dude, May 29, 2016, 01:45:39 PM

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this probably doesn't deserve a topic but idgaf

Features: Olimar, Nocturne, and Jamaha

chapter 1

olimerrr was a shoo sellspersan and had to sell shoooooossss. he relly deendt licke hs jeb and wented to prsue a butter lif of livin on tha egde. he  weent up too hes boos and sayd "go fuk yoshilf" aaaaaaand ghe goots fered like *snaps* DAT.

chapteil 2

lolimar wus PISSED that he losed his jub and was lik "fk this" and startd punchn randm ppl and pissing opn thr unconciaous bodis. he wen ito jumuhus' pube and goat a drenk, drunk it, and punchd all the hokers in the fase. jumuhu came out hard and said "THA HALL AR U DOIN?? THIS IS MAHHH BARRRR" and nocks lolimar out and caled the popo.

somethin 3

da nex thin polemar new, he wus in a sell in jael. he was saaaaaaad, but noot too woory! he had a sellmat anemd Knoctorn who was in for piratin mah lil pony tv episods for free wich is wrong and you shoulnt do. >:( Knoctorbnm was a bit on the small side body-wise but he had a BIG
hart. so they get together and do the funky business togethr and shit in a bowl in hte corner of a room for 2 years. and then get out and get marred and shet idevn knwo.

this story is terrible and I don't even want to try anymore. help me.


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I forgot this was a thing.
I'm glad it happened again.


I recorded a dramatic reading but I can't upload it and I don't know why. youtube is failing on me