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Started by Dekkadeci, June 11, 2016, 09:45:39 PM

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Wonder how well I can compose a march in the style of Eric Coates (Dambusters March and friends)? Listen to my newest march, Forwards On!


Hopefully this sounds like it's for 2 hands - here's my newest composition, Etude in E Flat Major For the Left Hand ("Courtly Procession")!


This is my first time composing a menu theme for a (hypothetical) video game: the Mario Kart menu theme-influenced Select on Standby!


I'm surprised how quickly I came up with this purposefully-less-than-3-minutes-long scherzo and trio today - Scherzo in Miniatura!


My most ambitious compositional project yet: A Musical Advent Calendar! 24 days in December until Christmas, 24 movements in a variety of styles (and even genres), all 24 keys!


I've composed my first (admittedly instrumental) pop song today - Low-Soaring Flight! ...Yeah, it's for a contest (to use the B-F#-G#m-E chord progression).


Managed to rearrange a better version of a piece I composed in Grade 10: United We Stand March! One step closer to an improved version of that piece for concert band....


Decided to compose a more typically classical music-style sonata-allegro this time, including the classical era's occasional tendency to start the recapitulation of its sonata-allegros in the subdominant key instead of the home key - here's my latest piece, Sonata-Allegro in G Major ("Subdominant")!


Here's my newest piece: Scherzo Intruso! Beware: this contains some particularly intrusive and out-of-place notes....


The first jazz solo piano piece I've composed in a's Call to All Dancers!


Back to my more typical high-strung Classical-Romantic style - here's my latest piece, Sonata-Allegro in C Sharp Minor ("Three Keys to Perdition")!


My first 8-bit composition (although I have tried an 8-bit arrangement before): 8-Bit Credits! Yeah, it's for a hypothetical video game.


Welp, looks like I hit the character limit for the 1st post - here's where my latest compositions are listed!

Waltz No. 2 in C Major
Composed for a contest, this jazz-influenced waltz is based on a not-so-orthodox chord progression involving â™­VII-V.

Sonata-Allegro in C Major ("One Start, Many Paths")
Like some others, this sonata-allegro has a monothematic exposition...that actually has its first and second theme groups both diverge quite quickly from their shared opening phrase, just like other monothematic sonata-allegros. Therefore nicknamed "One Start, Many Paths", this piece is syncopated, energetic, and optimistic.

Sonatina in G Minor
This light Scarlatti-like sonatina is not too demanding and is reminiscent of a lilting dance.

Slow Minuet in B Flat Major
This slower-than-average minuet carries its own elegance and grace.

Prelude in G Minor
This march-like prelude keeps a stiff upper lip but is fairly easy to play.

Quick Dance in D Minor
This swift dance makes dancers go at breakneck speed!

March in E Major
This Neoromantic march has some daring key changes.

Prelude in C Minor
With its rapid-note runs, this prelude can be tricky to play at times.

Sonata-Allegro in E Flat Minor ("Alla Scherzo")
Composed for a contest, this sonata-allegro is in the style of Chopin's scherzos.

Etude in G Sharp Minor ("Quintuplets")
This etude helps you practice quintuplets, occasionally with nasty cross-rhythms with the left hand.

Concert Band & Marching Band
Rolling Along March
In the style of turn-of-the-20th-century American marches, this march indeed merrily rolls along.

Trick-or-Treat Rag
This shockingly deliberate rag, composed for a contest, aims to evoke the atmosphere of trick-or-treating during Halloween.

Jazz Miniature in E Flat Major
This jazz miniature gently prances around.

Golden Surge
This Kapustin-esque straight jazz piece constantly heads towards a brighter tomorrow.

Jazz Miniature in A Flat Major
This jazz miniature, while stodgier, still ambles around gently.

Desert Trip
Mostly based on a short B-C chord progression, this jazz trio piece sultrily weaves around and has an extended solo.

Cream Soda "Rag"
Influenced by Billy Joel's Root Beer Rag and Max Keenlyside's Caffeinated Rag, this straight jazz piece bounces along with foxtrot-like rhythms at a breakneck pace.

Jazz Miniature in D Flat Major
This jazz miniature gently ambles around.

Rock/Metal (Includes Crossovers)
Toccata No. 3 in C Minor ("Record Speed")
This classical-rock crossover piece blasts by at record speed.

Inflamed Story
This piece is influenced by the works of the bands Sound Horizon and Linked Horizon.

True to its name, this is an uplifting worship song for solo piano.

Video Game Music Loops (With Special OST Endings)
Beachside Races (Racetrack Theme)
This is a tropical beach racetrack theme for a hypothetical racing game that does not (yet) exist. Yes, it's Mario Kart-influenced. Bars 40-52 (everything after the repeat) are the OST-only ending.
Despite being subtitled as a piano transcription, no other arrangements of this piece currently exist.

Carnival Round (Carnival Stage Theme)
This is a carnival theme for...any carnival, really. They could even be real carnivals!
Bars 33-48 (everything after the repeat) are the OST-only ending.

Cupcake Hero CST (Concept Soundtrack)
Results Theme
It's just an innocent results theme that plays after the victory jingle. Bars 17-18 (everything after the repeat) just might play as you exist the results screen.
Despite being subtitled as a piano transcription, no other arrangements of this piece currently exist.


Might be redundant given the post above, but here's my latest composition - the jazz-influenced Waltz No. 2 in C Major!


Quote from: Dekkadeci on August 18, 2022, 09:20:02 PMMy first 8-bit composition (although I have tried an 8-bit arrangement before): 8-Bit Credits! Yeah, it's for a hypothetical video game.
That sounds really amazing for being made entirely in MuseScore!!! :o
And the moral of the story: Quit while you're a head.

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