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Official "I'm Away Topic"

Started by Concerto No.20 in D minor, June 26, 2008, 09:43:51 PM

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Bwahaha Japan... one of my friends says if he could pick he would go there for his mission. :D


I'm leaving for a few days starting tomorrow morning.
Quote from: NocturneOfShadow on April 28, 2015, 06:48:06 PM
what are you doing stop making nsm a better place by spreading happiness


Quote from: NocturneOfShadow on April 28, 2015, 06:48:06 PM
what are you doing stop making nsm a better place by spreading happiness


Welcome back! (*super ecstatically)
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I'm back from dah honeymoon biatches


Welcome Back?
Did you have fun?  :)


Welcome tha fuk bak man les MC it up some time, I'm buyin ;J
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Heh, I'm happy for you FSM!

Yo, everyone.  I'm aware it's been a while.  Hopefully I'll be able to drop in often, but I'm so busy it's becoming less possible.  I haven't forgotten about you guys or arranging though, and I promise I will return!

Waddle Bro

I'll be in Berlin until Wednesday evening, but I have Internet there so no worriez


Back from week-long school-trip to Prague. Twas awesome.
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Ooh how was Prague, I might study abroad there for a semester


- It was pretty much just the perfect place for a musical-school trip.
- The three operas and the philharmonic concert we went to were the best concerts all of us ever experienced.
- The alcohol was cheaper than water, and no one ever bothered asking about my age.
- The architecture in general was amazing.
- Everything was cheap as hell, but still at the same quality-level as back home.
- It was really fun spending a week there, is what I'm trying to say :)

A downside was that I've probably gotten more smoke into my lungs from second-hand smoking this week than what I will for the rest of my life. Prague just is smoke.
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Quote from: Jompa on October 19, 2013, 08:49:27 AMPrague
why is it that every time i read this name or whatever it is, i think of some oriental man trying to say plague

i'm not usually this racist i swear


The Prague Philharmonic is fantastic.
Quote from: Tobbeh99 on April 21, 2016, 02:56:11 PM
Fuck logic, that shit is boring, lame and does not always support my opinions.


You can just call it Praha (which to me looks like a shortened version of Piranha)

But Prague is BEAUTIFUL! (say it like Bruce Almighty) -- its on my list of places to go (once I have teh monies)