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All Hail President Bowser!

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Author Topic: The Official Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum Project  (Read 18929 times)


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Re: The Official Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum Project
« Reply #285 on: June 09, 2019, 02:54:56 AM »

- Any reason why the main part isn't written in F minor (like the vs. Commander sheet)?
- Header info on pages 2-3 is outside the margin (as well as the footer on page 1)
- https in URL
- m. 37: typo? Fbb --> Fb
- I think we should spell m. 52/54/56/58 the same way with either En or Fb in the RH of all of them.
- I'd suggest extending the slur from m. 24 to the note it's tied to in m. 25.
Not really finding anything else, looks great :P
Concerning the F minor thing, good point. Didn't give the bass line enough credit I think; I am convinced. Though that then puts it in a weird spot with Dekka's comment below about the opening being in Ab minor. In summary, the piece is modal, so it's a matter of F minor (LH) vs Ab minor (RH). For the intro, I just stuck 6 flats on there with the not-intent of Eb minor but rather a hybrid that will hopefully keep it as simple as possible to read. I feel bad about just throwing all 7 flats on there completely but also going from sharps to flats suddenly; I don't think that's necessary. For the main part of the piece, I do like the consistency argument so I switched that into F minor just to make it clear- the LH wins.

41 - Battle! (Team Galactic) - JDMEK5
Actually, I'm wondering why you opted for a 6-flat key signature (for E flat minor) instead of A flat minor's 7-flat key signature. I hear this theme as being in A flat minor/G sharp minor, regardless of the bassline's tendency to play F minor-like stuff. If anything, this piece has Phrygian tendencies (so it has a better excuse to have a 4-sharp key signature).

(The only bars that initially stuck out to me wrong, it turns out, are actually probably correct according to the original theme.)
Very good points. My rationale for final decision is above, but ultimately I remember that notes are notes and sometimes what it sounds like isn't always totally reflected by the score (as much as we try to make it so as much as possible). The pitches are there and accurate and ultimately that's what counts and there are absolutely different ways to write it out and reason through it from a analysis perspective but I'm going to go with what I described there and that's why. Of course, if there's a better way to do it, by all means let me know.

The file should be updated in the dropbox, but here are the new links anyways:

46 - Battle! (Team Galactic)

Continuing down the list:

46 - Battle! (Team Galactic Commander) - JDMEK5 [Approved by Latios]

Hope you don't mind, I did a bit of rebalancing of the layout - margins etc. to space everything a bit more evenly. I also removed the overlapping D# in m. 50 (so it now looks like 48) and verified and removed the text about the potentially confusing note (unless that was intended for the performer and not the person checking it?). I personally prefer the descending chromatic line at the beginning over the repetitive one you wrote. It's fine though, up to you what you wanna keep.
Chromatic descending line works for me. I don't think I was able to find your new file but I made the same changes you described in this file here. I also added a few small things like extra articulations and such. Call it the glossy wax finish.

41 - Battle! (Team Galactic Commander)
« Last Edit: June 09, 2019, 03:12:39 AM by JDMEK5 »
Need a DS MIDI you can't find? PM me and I can probably get it.

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Re: The Official Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum Project
« Reply #286 on: June 16, 2019, 12:10:47 AM »

just don't turn into him animorphs style...

Haha I'll try not to.

Stark Mountain:

After inspecting it again I'm hearing this

I'm still hearing Ab-An rather than An-Bb but it is kind of hard to hear.  Also I'm not sure that the En-Fn bend is worth putting in, but I'll leave that to your discretion.

I'm not hearing that at all ;-;

I had another listen and this is definitely what I can hear.  I'm pretty certain I've got the right part since it's playing all of the other notes you've written in.  Maybe someone else can give someone else can give an opinion if we can't agree between us.

The other stuff looks good; I'll fix the articulations later.

Decisive Battle

If you mean the penultimate note, I don't hear it. I think the An in the beginning is the odd one out because the Rh and Lh both play an Ab after that

I think there's only one An in bar 30, but either way I mean the one on beat 1 in the right hand.  An An there sounds really strange to me and I do still think it should be an Ab, but once again maybe someone else can clear it up if we can't decide.

I still hear it

Yeah you're right it's there, my bad.

Not sure if this change happened on your edit or I just missed it before, but the beams on the first group of quavers in bar 15 are quite high and should probably be brought lower.

Once again I'll fix the articulations later.  The other edits look good though!
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