Then and now! A wonderfull comparison between Remixes!!!

Started by MetroidHunter26, July 03, 2008, 02:27:24 PM

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Right! I made this remix when I was in school in 8th grade I used GarageBand for Mac

It's a AIF file it works with Quicktime and iTunes just fine (for me anyway)(Might possibly work in WMP)

Pretty cool (If you like a good tetris remix :\ for the 8th billion time)

but I remade it! Better and more action packed than ever!!

I made this just not to long ago (Like yesterday :\ morning to know cause stupid demo doesn't SAVE!!)(I used Fruity Loops Studio 8)

so here is the NEW one I call Tetris Remix (Overdrive) Cheesy name but it's well suited XD


I quite enjoy the second one. Not even going to bother trying the first - I don't even have those programs installed.


I don't know if I missed this somewhere, but just in case, what program did you use?



That was directed at MH26 and I meant what program he made it with.


Quote from: Akiro on July 03, 2008, 05:22:36 PMThat was directed at MH26 and I meant what program he made it with.
Oh darn! I thought I put the programs in there. - .- The first one used Garage Band for Mac and the second one used FL Studio 8 and it's free ;D problem with it. It doesn't save -_____-

but I saved it as a midi and I could open midi's on there! so I kinda beat the system XD.


I like the second one better. :) You need heavier drums in my personal opinion, though.



Quote from: Gooch on July 06, 2008, 10:53:05 AMIt needs more cowbell...
XD LOL I love that line but the first one had a cowbell actually XD but I couldn't find one in the program I had so.... :\ darn....


So are you skilled with Fruity Loops?  I have the full version and have no idea what to do with it, though I do know how to use it, just not skilled.


No I'm not skilled. but I had previous knowledge with GarageBand for Mac and when I saw that it was the same thing(well if you do it right) then it was realy easy!

BTW is yours the FULL Full version (XXL) or is it the Fast Full version (Express)?