[DELETED] [Wii] The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - "The Legend of Zelda: Orchestra Piece #2" by Zeila

Started by Zeta, April 27, 2016, 01:11:19 PM

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I really, really hate to do this after everyone spent so much time on this, but one of two things needs to happen.
1. This piece gets a major revamp
2. This piece is removed from submissions
Apathy will probably result in:
3. This piece is left alone.

Why is there no "4. Updaters help"? Well, this piece needs a large change in direction, but, well, the updaters are for accepting and giving tips, not major direction changes. I say this because it's just .... lacking. It lacks the punch and full feel of the original. I don't mean to downplay your skills as an arranger, but at no point do I feel like it's comparable to the original. It's just ok. Keep in mind this is a terribly difficult song to capture on piano. What you've written just lacks the extra oomph that it needs, and it needs more than I can give it. The choice is yours.


I'll just remove it for now and work on it another day. Thanks everyone for the help!