The Official "What to do with my sheets if I disappear" Topic

Started by Latios212, October 20, 2016, 12:12:43 PM

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To prematurely avoid dealing with this issue in the future:

If you would like your sheets to be submitted (editing may be involved) in the case of accidental death disappearance, please make one post below containing:
- Time of inactivity (since last post) past which you would like your sheets to be edited/submitted by someone else
- To whom you give permission to edit/submit your sheets
- Any other specifics about how you want your sheets to be handled

Or post that you don't want your sheets to be submitted at all.

"If I'm inactive for more than 6 months, I give permission for anyone to submit my sheets."

"I do not give anyone permission to submit my sheets"

"If you don't see me around for 3 months, <Person A>, <Person B>, and the updaters can make necessary changes and submit for me."

I'll start: As for me, if I'm inactive for a month the updaters can do as they please with any of my sheets.
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If you don't see me around for 1 month, Updaters can make necessary changes and submit for me.

Thank you.


If I am inactive for 2 months, my sheets may be submitted and edited by the updaters, beginning with my most recent and hopefully never reaching my earliest sheets.


If I'm inactive for 1 month , anyone may take my sheets to do what they wish

EDIT: When* I'm inactive


If I remain inactive for one year, I give editing and submission permissions to King Sammer, and only King Sammer.

Just kidding. One year and anyone can do anything to my sheets.
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If I disappear from the internet and you don't hear from me for over 6 months, I give any updaters + dajwxp to edit and submit my arrangements with both my name and theirs in the credits.

If I've been gone for over a year, anyone can build on top of my arrangement and submit it under their name.
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If I'm inactive for a month then anyone can edit/submit my sheets


If I'm inactive for a month, archive my sheets and don't expect me to work on them anytime soon.


If I'm inactive for a month, anyone can do anything with my .mus files! ^^ If, y'know, they exist on the site and aren't being submitted for some reason.


If I'm inactive for 2 months (and note that I almost always show up to submit new sheets basically as soon as an update goes up that includes any sheets by me, so it would have had to have been 2 months since last post and also I haven't shown up to submit new sheets after an update in that time) without making a note that I'll be gone in advance, I give permission to edit and submit my sheets to whoever cares enough to do so. I especially trust Latios, Olimar, JDMEK, and Th3Gavst3r tho. Do whatever you need to do to make them playable.
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i don't care anymore

does anyone even have any of them anymore? i lost most of them. lol


If I'm inactive for more than 2 months without prior warning, I give the updaters permission to make changes to/submit any of my sheets.

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If I go off the grid for more than 5 months and 4 days, I give my permission to the following to both submit and edit as they deem necessary and proper:
-The Updaters
-F. L. U. D. D. (If he ever becomes reasonably active)
-BrainyLucario (if he ever returns)
As far as specifics go, those who do edit/submit my sheets may (if they so desire) put "Continued by (their name)" under the arranger name on the sheet.
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If I'm inactive for more than 2 months, I give anybody permission to edit and submit my sheets.


If there's ever a backlog on my thread and I'm gone, anyone can go ahead and submit them. I'm hopeful that one day I'll make more than a couple of arrangements a semester, so if I actually accumulated some sheets, that'd be pretty incredible. I have a bad habit of disappearing though, so maybe give me three months.
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