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[MUL] Street Fighter - Multiple songs

Started by Shadow_Venoct, November 01, 2016, 10:43:15 AM

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Honestly, (unless I missed it, which is possible), I'm fairly surprised there isn't a Street Fighter section for music. The are a lot of cool songs from the series like

Volcanic Rim
from Street Fighter 4,
Ryu's Theme
Ken's Theme
from Street Fighter 2, and stages like the
Festival at the Old Temple Stage (Korea)
from Super Street Fighter 4 or
Cosmic Elevator Stage (South America)
from Ultra Street Fighter 4.

There are so many options to choose from, and I'd really be happy with just about anything from the series. Thanks so much!


For now I can arrange Ryu's theme and Ken's theme, that's an easy task.
Actually I'm really surprised too there isn't any arrangement of this great series.

Fantastic Ike

Better late than never, but Ryu's Theme is officially onsite! I've got a couple other sheets from the series onsite as well, plus two version of Dee Jay's Theme. Hoping 2024 is the year of more Street Fighter sheets.