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Started by !, November 04, 2016, 05:04:03 PM

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Plants vs Zombies
1. Choose Your Seed


Ok, first one updated. The presentation is quite messy, but I tried my best to get all the notes down and all. Feedback would be appreciated.

E. Gadd Industries

I'll take a look at it in the morning (or try to, depending on what my parents have planned)
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The pdf link is wrong you need the colon after https




Great arrangement for being your first arrangement !

Here's some feedback:

notes that are missing:
m.5: There is an A in the chord on beat 2 in the LH (Left Hand), so the chord notes are A-E-A.
m.6: Same thing but this time there is a B missing in the chord, so the chord notes should be B-F#-B.
m.8 LH: Same thing here, I think you're missing an A# in the chord.
m.8: The RH is incorrect, some notes are missing.
m.9 RH: The lower note should be an E I think.

You could also optionally add some articulations for the bass notes. And as you said it needs to be a bit formatted. Not sure what software you're using but if you're using notepad I think it's hard to do anything about it.

Thought of updating your file with these changes but the link seems broken. If you'd fix the dropbox link for the mus file, and I could easily show a pic how it should look like. I could also fix the formatting if for you that way.
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