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Music Uploadin'

Started by TheZeldaPianist275, November 23, 2016, 01:05:26 PM

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Hey all.

I'm trying to upload some music to YouTube (the Super Mario Sunshine OST to be exact), and I'm not really sure how to go about that.  In the age of Windows 7, Movie Maker worked just fine for this, but that doesn't work with Windows 10.  Anyone know of a simple and free video editing program that I could use for this purpose?

Thanks in advance.


You can still use movie maker on Windows 10. Just search it up. Sound quality isn't that good though.
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If you want a really good and free one, I'd recommend Hit Film Express. It's pretty advanced, but also pretty simple to use. It's what I use, and it's great if you plan on doing more advanced videos in the future.
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To upload music file to YouTube, you only need to convert the audio format to the format supported by YouTube such as MP3. And I know there are many free audio converter which can help you do this work easily. You can check this post about the recommendation of free online MP3 converter. Hope this can solve your problem.