Halo 3 free map

Started by MetroidHunter26, July 08, 2008, 02:51:19 PM

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It's awsome and that's all I can say about it :P XD


no has posted so I think I will

I havent played it online yet (I think it is grouped with the legendary map pack servers) but I'll take free maps whenever they come.
I think I'll make a forge level of it, probably team oriented


Cold Storage = Remake of a Halo 1 map (It's name escapes me) but otherwise all they did was add scenery. Otherwise, even most of the weapons are the same.


It's called a remake, not a ripoff.

me irl



The old map is called Chill Out and btw the map is pretty good only for small team and skirmish matches ;D it's cool.


I like it but the energy blocks are very hard to put in place.