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Story 1: The Trix!

Started by Concerto No.20 in D minor, February 28, 2008, 11:05:17 AM

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Concerto No.20 in D minor

Yay for the Creativity Corner!  This is the Famous first story.

Ok, pretty much g-han stole the trix, from us, the NSM crew, and we will not tolerate that. Because we want the trix, and that is the only box of trix that exists. Mind you though, it is a everlasting box of trix, it refills itself constantly, (now you know why we wage war against it)

but the legendary trix box once was the center of all NSM civilazation, availble for anyone to take from and enjoy its fruity greatness. But one dark stormy night at about 2:00 AM, G-Han wandered home from a party. He was only slightly intoxicated after 31 shots of vodka since he had built up a slight immunity to the drink from the numerous parties he has been to. BUt this slight change of mood caused G-han to steal the trix, and think of himself as the GREAT G-HAN!!! He began to scream his name and then he took the trix!. He looked at the trix and declared visctory to himself, and then passed out due to the alcohols effect and the effort it took him to scream "im the GREAT G-HAN!" 14 times.

Luckily the "great g-han" was not left to lie in the soft mud near the trix's resting place. Fortunately, g-hans woman fan club chased him through the night, (the fan club consisted of 54 girls btw) and they found g-han passed out with the trix. Well 54 horny girls and one passed out g-han later, the Great G-Han woke up in his room, naked, and not remembering a thing from the night before. He then saw the Box of trix cereal of his dresser and said "Holy F***!, did i take that!!!", but then, G-han began to think of the power he could achieve now that he had all of NSM's fod supply. HE COULD RULE NSM!!!

Earlier that morning, the_grimace, being a big eater, went out at 6:00AM for his daily 7 bowls of trix. Except today something was not right.. The TRIX WAS GONE!!. the_grimace, enraged and confused as to where the trix was gone, starting screaming, he screamed so loud, he awoke all of NSM, and soon a large crowd had gathered around the scene. the crowd asked why the_grimace was screaming. "I am hungry!!!, someone has taken the trix!!, now i will starve to death!!!", then the_grimace broke out in a hysteria of uncontrollable tears, fell into the fetal position and began rolling on the ground. The townspeople, now noticing that the TRIX was gone, became aware of how grave the situation truly was. "NOW WE ARE ALL GOING TO STARVE!!", then all the townspeople went into fetal positions and started rolling around... save one, harvest stood strong. He said to himself. It is up to me break this people out of this frenzy and organize a party to recover the TRIX. so harvest threw a rock at the_grimace's face. The grimace immediately became alert and kicked the shit out of harvest. Then the_grimace apolagized and they slowly broke all the townspeople out of the hysteria. The townspeople then looked for clues, and not before long, they figured out who had done it. it was G_HAN!!! due to the fact that a bottle of hairgel and g-hans wallet were left at the scene of the crime.

Later that afternoon, all the townspeople organzined, and began to discuss how they would attack G-HAN, and get the trix back. Many ideas were suggested, some being dressing up as sheep and stampeding g-han, throwing bottles of sampoo at g-han, and even nuking g-hans house, which almost went through until dekudude realized that this would kill everyone. Finally, the_grimace came up with the only reasonable plan... BATTLE TO THE DEATH!!!.

G-HAN, ehum... the GREAT G-HAN, was walkint through town, thinknig of all the cool new things he could do now that he had the main power source of nsm. He could now eat trix whenever he wanted!!! and no waiting line!!!, how he now loved being a evil TRIX stealing guy... but what was that in the distance... over the hill. "is it thundering?" the GREAT G-HAN asked himself. he stood queitly, listening, anf slowly over the hill he saw the whole town of nsm rushing him, with the_grimace, in nothing more then a loin clothe leading the way. Downing 3 shots of alcohol, the GREAT G_HAN prepared himself to fight, and ensure that he would be the only keeper of the TRIX. preparing himself once more by downing 2 more shots of vodka, and fixing his hair, he prepared to battle.
[BY: the_grimace]

The first to fall were the non-pianists. After several minutes the battlefield was strewn with manuscript paper and broken batons; but soon the effects of the alcohol wore off, and G-Han realized what was abroad. the_grimace seeing a stunned look on G-Hans face saw an opportunity, but didn't realize that Guan was sane again.

Running toward G-Han like Sonic himself, the_grimace held high his mighty fist preparing to deliver a fatal blow; but through the dusk, a sound could be heard. A sound so terrifically horrid, so chilling and so annoyingly pitched that the whole commotion froze. The sonance perceived by the whole was no ordinary sensation; but was a pitch that reeked of spam.

Fear began to prickle the necks of all. G-Han and NSM both knew that only two things only earth could have created that sound. Either it was Concerto singing in the shower, was a MASSIVE HOARD OF ZOMBIE BOTS!!!

Unfortunately, Concerto was standing right next to the_grimace. "We are doomed!" cried the_grimace. With no expression, Concerto answered, "Not yet;" as he pulled the Fierce Deity mask out of his back pocket...
[BY: Concerto in D minor]


Jimbabwe realizing he was in the abyss comes to the sad conclusion that he cannot join either side of the war, thus having no effect on the battle, but soon realizes that in the abyss he is safe from the massive zombie bot hoard and then decides that makar might have done him a favor by throwing him into the abyss(along with mozart and the doggies)...
[BY: Jimbabwe]

Meanwhile in space, in my Super Star Destroyer, Composer #40 notices the battle against the zombie robots and decides to help. First He sends his troops wielding the Holy Lance Blaster Rifle that would be super effective against the dead and the blasters special attribute is to give extra damage to robotic enemies. But Composer suspects his enemy, Dr. Eggman, might be behind this and possibly Dracula (Composer has been stealing his castles one by one). After going to another castle that Dracula has and goes through it in Ludicrous Speed finds Eggman and Dracula looking at a screen showing the loosing battle, laughing manically. After spotting a plan on the table he grabs it with ninja like speed while they were laughing at the recent blast. 20 of my men were scattered and he thinks I saw Kirby flying after trying to suck up a Zombie Bot and got hit in the side. Before he left, he planted a powder keg, eggman bomb (yeah, I steal from him too.) and a seismic charge.

The Eggman and Dracula notice ticking from the powder keg and notice Composer summoning Indignation Judgment with his trusty magic/lightsaber staff. They tried to stop him but the spell was cast and the explosives were hit in the cross fire. The brilliant tactical mind of Composer sent a doppelganger to do such a ridiculous stunt while the real one warped out just in time to the makeshift base made by his troops.

Back at the battlefield, the battle between NSM and the zombie bots continues on...

Composer #40 arrives preparing his biggest tank: MX-6000 Battlestation with a mega laser on the top to destroy any big ship that tries and destroys aerial units with mounted Missile Vets. The battle is at a stalemate as Fierce Deity Concerto is swinging his big sword around like an idiot and hits friend and foe alike, annoying Grimace and JaMaHa with his crazy moves.

Composer rushes into battle as fast as he can with his tank and fires the powerful shells, blowing holes in the enemies number. We where winning with Concerto getting his moves right and Harvest borrowing a couple of tanks. Just then Super-Mega Robo Zombie: Desfilious appears and Composer sees the mark of Eggman. Composer swears continuously and really loudly when he sees this because he has to put up with this crap almost every day. With Desfilious now loose and Composer cursing, Kirby finally swallows something!
[BY: Composer#40]

The battle raged on, and the three sided war continued on. Though the NSM'ers realized there main eemy was the zombie bots, they did not forgot g-han had the trix. As everyone fought viciously and Concerto had already damaged $23 million in property, Dekudude noticed that there were a lot of dandelions around... and he's allergic! Without warning, he released a HUGE, snotty, Deku Nut. At a lightning fast speed, it hit the box of Trix Cereal, knocking it out of G-Han's hand.

"NOOOO0O!!" he screamed, somewhat femininely.

Unfortunately, out of the sky fell a flaming hot meteor, which hit Dekudude in the head... so he was no more.

...the box of trix after being knocked from G-han's hands proceeded to fall into the abyss. Where Jimbabwe is playing with his doggie friends. The trix seem to fall forever, until it is caught by none other than (you guessed it) MOZART!

Mozart tries to hide the trix from everyone else in the abyss but is discovered by Shakespeare. Shakespeare is coincidently an acomplice of the trix stealing entity known as the "rabbit". Shakespeare stabs mozart in the leg with his pen, and runs away. Realizing that he forgot the trix he runs back. Jimbabwe hearing the yell of mozart comes to help. He confronts Shakespeare. Jimbo seeing the trix, is overwhelmed wanting the trix for himself. He summons the "doggies" and they imidiately divour shakespeare. Jimbo seizes the trix for himself, yet the doggies turn against him for they too want the trix. Jimbo realizes his doggies are more important than the trix and imediately fasions a large catapult flinging the trix out of the abyss. Oddly enough they happen to land next to a rabbit. What Jimbo didn't realize was that the "rabbit" is really g-han in a bunny costume, thus the trix fall back into the hands of G-han and apparently his hair of death...
[BY: Jimbabwe]

End of Part 1

Concerto No.20 in D minor

With the Trix in hand, G-Han took a fistful and devoured it thus, giving him super powers. G-Han then secretly concealed the Trix out of site in his hair and tossed the demented bunny suit into the abyss. “I won’t need that anymore.” Scoffed G-Han; and with one leap he flew into the air and off to the battle. Surveying the chaos from a birds eye view, G-Han could see many bots falling, and hear the sound of cannon fire.

“Sir, there appears to be a man flying across the battle, and he’s packing what appear to be hair-gel bottles. What do you want us to do?” “Take him down!” yelled Composer #40. “Yes sir.” The general replied. Composer’s tanks made their way through waves of zombies, crushing them under the treads of the tanks. “Open fire!” the general radioed.

With the transmission came the blast of thunder out from the tanks guns. G-Han smirked and countered the attack with a shower of hair-gel. The gel fell to the ground and muffled the cry of the engines. “Sir, we’ve become immobile, what should we do?” Composer’s voice answered over the static of the radio “Keep your positions and try to get out of that mess!”

There was nothing else that Composer could do to help his troops, so he and Harvest being the only ones with tanks that remained, used their tanks morphing abilities to transform into a giant ninja power-zord robot! They quickly rushed over to the unaware Super-Mega Robo Zombie ready to strike. “Hey Eggman! I want you to remember this so you’ll always think twice before messing with us again!” came Composers voice from his Power-Zord that could be heard throughout battlefield.

Composer threw a blow directly into the belly of that great zombie beast, but to his surprise, there was no Eggman to be found, for the Super-Mega Robo Zombie turned out to only be a large cluster of zombies that were scattered across the grounds with the super punch. “Remember what?” whined the voice of Dr.Eggman from the other side of the battle.

“What are you doing here?!” exclaimed Composer. “I’ve comeback for my secret recipe that you stole you idiot! You know, the ones that just “happened” to disappear when my kitchen inconveniently EXPLODED!!!” shouted the Dr. “Secret recipe?! Kitchen!? I thought that was your secret hidden base, and that you were over this entire disaster!” stuttered Composer. “Of course not, me and Dracula were just having our monthly bake off and were watching the TV and this battle just happened to be showing!” “What? How can....this doesn’t....who could be filming this?!” Composer said. Both Eggman and Composer looked up to the sky and G-Han slowly put his camcorder back into his pocket.

“That explains the show, but why were you having a cook off?” Composer asked. “And what’s so wrong with making cookies? Oh way to go, you just made me spoil my secret recipe! Now hand it over before I uh, before I (Eggman grabs a random passerby) blast this guy to bits! “No! Don’t let him kill me! I still have to finish Twilight Princess!!!” screamed Guy. “Fine, for his sake, take it back!” Composer grumbled, tossing the recipe to Eggman; but in mid-flight the paper was shot down from one of G-Hans random blasts.

“I can’t use this recipe now! It’s covered with slime and smells like, good heavens, I don’t even know!” Eggman yelled while tossing Guy back into the mass of zombies. “I’m taking this G-Han guy down now!” “Temporary truce?” Composer asked. “Just this once.” Dr. Eggman replied. The two went back to back, bracing themselves from a large wave of Zombies Bots. “FIRE!” Composer and Eggman yelled together, vaporizing a small portion of zombies, whilst igniting the battlefield with blinding light.

“What was that!?” asked the_grimace on the other side of the battle. “It looks like we’ve got some more help for our side.” Aquanistic pointed out. “Now if we could just get Concerto in control, then maybe we could finally wipe out the hoard, and get the back the Trix!” Aqua said. “I’ve got a plan, you go make a large banner to signal the men in, and I’ll try to find a weakness for the Zombies!” the grimace told Aqua. “What type do you want? .png or .jpeg?” Aqua asked. “.png.” said the grimace.

Right as they were about to go back to the fight, several of Composers tanks flew right over their heads barely missing them. “What the, what was that?!” screamed the grimace looking in the direction from which the tanks came. Illuminated by the sun, Magneto floated down towards the grimace on a metal disk. “Well, well, we meet again Frank.” Magneto issued in a calm voice. “What the freaking crap are you doing here?!?!” shouted the grimace.

“I heard that there was an ever flowing box of Trix here up for grabs, and I thought that I just might want it.” Magneto replied with a smirk. “Well I don’t have it, G-Han does. You know, the guy flying around up there tossing hair-gel on people?” the grimace said. “I’ll just have to get it myself then, won’t I?” laughed Magneto as he floated away preparing to battle with Guan.

“Well, now that G-Han is being distracted, we don’t have to worry about his random gel missiles, so lets finish this.” The grimace said.

……. Meanwhile back at home, Elite Guardian was spamming up the town, placing random lol’s and smilies all over the place. Pumpy heart and Kirby superstar were furiously downloading midis from vgmusic, to see who could arrange every song from a game series first. Now strangely enough, Kirby superstar and pump heart were roommates and good friends, but this war to finish the most songs first was tearing them apart. Many things were thrown at each other to try to distract the other, but neither slowed there pace despite being hit with various objects including twinkies, underwear, and cat toys. Kirby superstar had taken the lead, arranging 121 of Kirby songs, while pumpy heart was down 10, only arranging 111 golden sun songs. Suddenly, A computer came flying through the window, unfortunately hitting Kirby superstar and killing him. Pumpy Heart showed no remorse for his friend and beat him in the arranging race, successfully finishing all the golden sun songs before Kirby superstar could finish all the Kirby songs. Across there room. Zeldafan was seen looking out the window, wondering why she threw her compter out the window just because that stupid sig wouldn’t work.

Back on the west side of town, zamon was running away from darth maker for accidently calling her a man. Also, Link freak was beating the crap out of a kid with a skateboard.

Back at the fight. The Zombie Bots were starting to dwindle in number (mostly due to Concerto) but so was NSM (partially due to Concerto) when all of the sudden a hundred-thousand more Zombies flooded the battle field, and to make it worse all of the slain Zombies came back to life overwhelming even the random attacks of Concerto.

“We can’t hold on much longer grimace!!” yelled Aqua through a wall of Zombies. “You’ve got to use the secret weapon, get away you stupid Zombie! It’s the only hope! Oh no!” screamed Aqua. “Aqua? Aqua? AQUA!!!” the grimace cried out. The grimace holding back his fury, knew it was time, it was time to use the ULTIMATE WEAPON. “I never thought that I’d have to use this, but it is time.” Whispered the grimace. “FOR THE TRIX!!!

The grimace pulled from his loin cloth a Poke-ball and through it to the ground yelling, “I choose YOU Pikachu!” Pikachu appeared and immediately ate the Pokemon ball that he had just came out of and choked to death. “Darn, there goes the secret weapon. I guess he really didn’t like it in there.” The grimace said. “A well, I guess I just have to do it the hard way.” The grimace yelled a war cry and started ripping off the limbs of the Zombies around him drawing the attention of G-Han from the ‘bove.

“You fight well for your age Guan.” Magneto remarked. “But can you block this?” Magneto then using his powers lifted Composers robot tossing him towards G-Han who barely dodged it. “You can’t beat me old man!” G-Han said, nearly out of breath. “Poor boy, I’m afraid you are terribly wrong.” Magneto said through clenched teeth. G-Han then looked behind him and saw Composers robot coming straight for him and only a few meters away.

Down below, the grimace had left a trail of destruction behind him as he made his way toward the center of the battle to save Concerto from a horrible fate. “Concerto? Where are you!?” shouted the grimace over the noise of the battle. “I’m over here!” shouted back Concerto. The grimace made his way through the Zombies clearing a path with his machete like arm closing in on Concerto. Through the hoard, he could see Concerto just a few feet away. “Hey! I’m coming!” screamed the grimace who knocked the Zombies aside with a roundhouse kick.

“Finally! You came to save me!” thanked Concerto. “I didn’t come to save you, I came to get that ridiculous mask off so you wouldn’t cause any more trouble.” Said the grimace; and with a mighty yank, he pried it off Concerto’s face and flung it high into the air. “Thank you! I could barely breath with that thing on; but besides causing mass destruction, I also managed to find the Zombies weakness!” Concerto said. “What?! What is it?” asked the grimace. “They love to dance to music!” said Concerto.

Back up in the sky, G-Han pulled a matrix and dodged the robot, which head straight for Magneto. Magneto ducked down to avoid it, but as he did, the Fierce Deity mask flew up from below and planted itself on his face. G-Han looked on towards Magneto who was screaming, trying to pry the mask off his face. “WHAT IS THIS?!!!” screamed Magneto as a blinding light lit the whole sky causing everyone (except the Zombies) to shield their eyes. The silence gave way to the Lord of the Rings theme as Magneto was no more, for he had been transformed to Gandalf!! Back down below....

“They like to dance!” Concerto said (again?) I’ll show you!” Concerto then pulled a full sized grand piano from his back pocket and started improvising. Then a strange thing happened, all the commotion stopped, and the Zombies all turned their attention to the music that was being played. One of the Zombies closest to Concerto tapped his foot, than clapped its hands together; and the others around it followed suite, until every Zombie was in a Conga line. “Go back to the abyss! Fall into nothingness that awaits you!” Gandalf yelled as he opened the earth up and one at a time the Zombies fell into the Earth.

After a few minutes, all the Zombies had been dealt with, and all that remained, were the Trix. G-Han was still floating in the air, stunned by the events. “G-Han! This is for the Trix!” yelled Dr. Eggman who then shot his fully charged laser cannon directly at Guans head igniting his heavily flammable hair on fire. “AHH!!!” Guan cried, “My hair! My beautiful hair!”

Guan shook his head about and out flung the Trix box, with the cereal pouring out of it many times faster than normal as it fell. “It’s a dream come true!!! It’s raining Trix!” cried the grimace as he caught some on his tongue; but the Trix kept falling and falling filling the whole valley with Trix cereal, and causing people to swim in the Trix to stay alive. The grimace caught the Trix and closed the lid, and the downpour stopped.

At the site of the grimace having the Trix, G-Han gave up and floated back down to the sea of Trix. “I’m sorry.” Whispered Guan. “It’s okay, here have some Trix.” Offered the grimace. “Aren’t you going to beat me to a pulp?” asked G-Han. “Nah, I don’t need to do anything now that your bald.” “I’M WHAT?!!!!!!!” G-Han yelled. He cautiously felt the top of his head, and upon realizing that he was bald, G-Han ran back to the town, crying all the way home.

All was at peace with NSM, members were swimming in the Trix and eating their full. “I could never be happier.” The Grimace said with a smile.

Meanwhile, down in the abyss, Jimbabwe was playing fetch with his dogs, when out of nowhere a huge waterfall of colorful Trix fell into the Abyss, enough to fill it from top to bottom. “No way! I can finally climb my way out of here!!! Woot!” said Jimbo. With a sarcastic tone Mozart replied, “I really don’t think you want to show your face up on the surface until you finally update the site.” “Darn, your right. I guess it should only take a few minutes.” Jimbabwe sighed.

He then walked over to his computer and started updating, while Mozart and the dogs started eating all of the Trix. “There, I’m done! That was easier that I thought it would, WHERE DID ALL OF THE TRIX GO?!” yelled Jimbo. “I dunno.” Said both Mozart and the dogs (in their best English) in unison. Just goes to show that waiting forever to update the site leads to bad, bad things.
[By: Concerto in D minor]

and also btw, jamaha has a giant brain because hes the smart one.

End of Part 2


your nuts you made that all up by yourself?


Heh, I forgot about this stuff... We were insane back then, weren't we?  ;D


Concerto No.20 in D minor

No, just overly creative!


*ding* you got me there but its realy much REALY!!! :D