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Interested in The Werewolf Game?(TWG)

Started by Nakah, July 12, 2008, 06:00:26 PM

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I'm in. :) I think using the forum rather than any chat service would work. :P Might take a little longer, but hey, that's more fun. ^_^


LOL. You've got a Child Board now. SWEET!!!!
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I will punch the punching bag until a game comes on. XD

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Thanks to Dekudude for being awesome enough to permit one. =)

   I'm hoping to get the game started as soon as 10 players are reached. Please, if you guys could recruit or spread the message of this game to other members, then I would be able to start a lot sooner.

   Also, official guidelines and rules thread:



One more spot left.

Edit* Alright well HugoMeister decided to fill that last spot, I'll leave signups open for others to sign up until 9:00 p.m. I'll begin the game as soon as I return from my baseball game tonight.


It's been a while since I've taken one of these up :) count me in
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Excellent, 11 players. The max that I'm letting into this game is 12. If anyone else wants to sign up, then this chance is your final.


hey nakah
i dont have aim
i have Yahoo Messenger :P


Signups are closed. PMs are coming out. The game shall begin.

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Ahhh! Wait! I just read this and I want to play too. I've played before. I don't think AIM should be used because it isn't as good as other chat programs. I would say use IRC or Skype. Skype would allow for voice chat, and it also has textual chat. I don't want to have to download AIM. But I will if I have to. Please let me play! I'm only a few hours late!


Credit to Strecno for the avatar! | MY SUBMISSION THREAD

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Quote from: PseudoMario16 on July 17, 2008, 12:54:13 PMcan i join next game??

   Yeah, you'll need to wait for this current game to finish though.

PseudoMario16 - its... its... beautiful!

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Ok, this thread is OBSOLETE!  *concertoed'd!*