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Official PS3 Friends Topic

Started by Concerto No.20 in D minor, July 12, 2008, 09:46:40 PM

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Concerto No.20 in D minor

Got a PS3?  Got Internet?  Got a PlayStation Network ID?  Good!  Then post them here!

Me = The 17thColossus
PseudoMario = pseudoginger Pswaydo
Ricky = Sir_Rickard
mantis985 = mantis985
KingDragunov = KingDragunov
G-Han = Gu4n-kun
Tranzlater = Tranzlater


Well I don't own a PS3, but you can expect me to take Gamer4250 when I get one :P

me irl

Concerto No.20 in D minor

lol, when are you getting one?  Soon?


well, ive got a ps3, and im pseudoginger - its... its... beautiful!

Concerto No.20 in D minor



Gamer4250, but I only have a PSP so I can't add friends.


If Sony drops the PS3 price sometime soon, you can expect me to purchase a PS3.

me irl



"I´ve seen the best, I´ve fought the best and I´ve beaten the best." - Undertaker


Hey, for some reason, it wouldn't let me sign back on to my account. i have no idea why, but i tried everything, and nothing worked.
So, i made a new one.

Pseudomario16= Pswaydo - its... its... beautiful!


Mine's Gu4n-kun, feel free to add me.


Quote from: Arison The Bat
oviosly so far i've only got "little unmature kids" to respond to this thread
After months of mediation and exams, I return.
Probably not for long.


Sir_Rickard here, so far I got LotR Conquest, Collin Mcrae Dirt, Soulcalibur IV and Little Big Planet

Concerto No.20 in D minor

Anyone else have a PSN ID?  Did you get a ps3 yet kefka?


No, and I won't even be able to consider it until this summer cause of fucking IB.  And probably not even this summer cause of colleges, extended essay, and CAS.  But perhaps something good will happen.  The longer I wait the more cheap good games there are!

me irl