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Dr. Mario
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Sonic the Hedgehog 3
"File Select" | PDF | MIDI | Source
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"African Mines" | Page
Tomodachi Life
"Mii Edit" | Page

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A few notation tips:
Use ritardandos instead of changing the tempo and an a tempo to bring it back. That's how it should be notated, and it'll look a lot more professional.
Make the final 2 systems 4/4 and notate the final measure with a quarter->dotted half note with a ritardando overtop of it.

Ah, mkay. Thanks for the tips! I'll try to apply those to it!

After this one's all good, I'll fix the Mario Paint one with its little kinks.

Finally got a more recent game on my list. I may do more of Super Bomberman R, I love its soundtrack.


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