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Author Topic: Get me into classical/piano music  (Read 524 times)


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Re: Get me into classical/piano music
« Reply #15 on: April 16, 2018, 01:39:12 AM »

I second Mozart's 40th symphony being highly recommended gas. I like 3 out of 4 movements and that's pretty impressive for Mozart from my experience. The 1st movement is the most famous, but I have a soft spot for the stern 3rd movement.

Among Dvorak's pieces, I think I like his fast Slavonic Dances the best. I highly recommend the syncopated, energetic Furiants in that set. The Kolo's a lot of fun, too.

Part of me hopes that Sousa's marches still count as classical music. I've never been quite certain what genre(s) marching band and concert band really are.
Mozart's 40th wasn't bad by any means, but it's not really my style.

Dvorak was pretty cool. It didn't stand out incredible in any way, but it was pretty cool
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