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About Us

NinSheetMusic is a collection of Nintendo (and some non-Nintendo) sheet music for piano. All of the music is arranged by members of the site. We also have forums and a Discord server where members can request and submit sheets, or just discuss games, music, and anything else.

NinSheetMusic has been providing the internet with arrangements of songs from video games for over 18 years. Founded in 2004, we've expanded to now host over 4500 sheets on our website, which will always be free for you to use. Since we began the project, we've built a community of fans who work with us to improve the site. These extraordinary people make us who we are.


Can I use sheets/midis from the site for my own video/remix/etc.?

Certainly! However, since our arrangers work very hard to provide free sheet music and midi files for the public, we would greatly appreciate it if you would credit or mention the specific arranger and NinSheetMusic in some form so that we may be able to find and enjoy it too!

How are these arrangements created?

Our arrangements are created by our users using the original audio as reference. This involves transcribing the original audio and presenting it in a way that provides a faithful depiction of the original in-game track on piano.

How can I request an arrangement?

The requests are handled via our forums. To post a request, create an account on the forums and post your request at the request board. Make sure to read the request guidelines, listed in the first topic of the board, before posting.

How do I open *.mus files?

.mus is a music notation file type used by Finale software. They can be opened using Finale Notepad, which is available for free from the Finale website.

I have arranged a song, how can I submit this?

All submissions are handled via the forums. Just register and once you are a member, go to the Submissions board and read the Submission Guide before submitting. Once your sheet is submitted, it will go through a thorough quality check by our members before it is uploaded to the main site.

What are the colored meters on the sheet lists?

They represent the relative popularity of each sheet during the past week.

Which systems do the console abbreviations stand for?

See the list here!

Why does NinSheetMusic use the Finale notation software?

Finale is the standard that was set by the members of the site when it was founded back in 2004. It's our way of ensuring that we enforce the same standard for sheets across the board. We are currently looking into the possibility of allowing users to submit arrangements written in other notation programs without sacrificing the visual consistency that our library of sheets has.

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