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- EarthBound -

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A Flash of Memory FierceDeity
Battle Against a Machine Static
Battle Against a Weak Opponent Static
Battle Against an Unsettling Opponent Yug Guy
Boy Meets Girl (Twoson) Yug Guy
Buy Somethin' Will Ya! Yug Guy
Dead-End Chaos Theater Don Valentino
Eight Melodies Maelstrom
Enjoy Your Stay Don Valentino
Franky FierceDeity
Get on the Bus Yug Guy
Good Friends, Bad Friends Yug Guy
Hi Hi Hi (Saturn Valley) Maelstrom
Home Sweet Home Yug Guy
In Winters, There is a Genius Commander6
Love and Peace RandomGoldfish
Ness' Bike Olimar12345
Paula's Theme Yug Guy
Smiles and Tears Ben Dauvin
Summers, Eternal Tourist Trap Yug Guy
Sunrise & Onett Sebastian
Super Dry Dance FierceDeity
The Battle of Final Destiny Commander6
The Metropolis of Fourside Yug Guy
Your Name, Please Yug Guy
EarthBound Beginnings
A Ghastly Site Olimar12345
Airplane Ride Olimar12345
All That I Needed Was You Olimar12345
Approaching Mt. Itoi Olimar12345
Battle Against a Powerful Foe Don Valentino
Battle With A Flippant Foe Olimar12345
Bein' Friends Gentlemancreeper
Comforting Sleep / Hotel Sleep Olimar12345
Drugstore Olimar12345
Eight Melodies Olimar12345
Factory Olimar12345
Fallin' Love Gentlemancreeper
Hippie Battle Olimar12345
House Olimar12345
Magicant Gentlemancreeper
Mother Earth Don Valentino
Pollyanna (I Believe in You) Olimar12345
Snowman Olimar12345
The End Olimar12345
The Paradise Line Olimar12345
The Tombstone Olimar12345
Twinkle Elementary Olimar12345
Wisdom of the World (Queen Mary's Castle) Olimar12345
You Won! / Level Up / Game Over Olimar12345
Youngtown Olimar12345
Yucca Desert Olimar12345
Mother 3
16 Melodies (Beginning) Maelstrom
A Tiny, Enormous Miracle seagaia
Cumbersome Guys Don Valentino
F-F-Fire! Don Valentino
Fate Don Valentino
Gentle Rain Don Valentino
Letter From You, My Sweet Don Valentino
Magypsy Party Tranzlater
Mind of a Thief seagaia
Monkey's Love Song Don Valentino
Mother 3 Love Theme Maelstrom
Open Sesame Oil! / Open Sesame Tofu! Don Valentino
Rock 'n' Roll (Spicy) shadowkirby
Serious Don Valentino
Shower Time Ballad Don Valentino
Smashing Song of Praise Maelstrom & Mr. ML&G
Somewhere, Someday Don Valentino
Title Theme shadowkirby
Unfounded Revenge Maelstrom