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Completed by GaryOak

      I've been printing sheet music from this site for quite a few years now and have enjoyed all of the volumes of sheets that I have printed, and I LOVE searching for new VGM, which brings forth my request. I love JRPG classics, and I hope Tales of Phantasia will be remembered as a classic early 'Tales' game, and hopefully will be dug up and rediscovered by younger generations. For me, this song was one of those that makes you stop and listen. The kind that drains the heck out of your handheld battery/ups the electricity bill. The fate of this song is in your hands...


Completed by pumpy_heart

[GBA] Pokemon Red/Blue "Bike Theme". A very easygoing piece, don't you agree?
Music / Music for your listening pleasure. Where?
May 03, 2012, 03:02:22 PM
Where do you go to find new music, just to listen to? Video Game? Anime? Mostly video gaming and anime? I come here, go to Anime Instrumentality, and VG Music, but where would you go to explore and widen your knowledge of video gaming and anime music?