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Ok, so I've encountered songs which aren't in standard pitches, either raised or lowered half a semitone. This makes arranging really annoying and I'm wondering if there are any really good methods for arranging these songs.

Here are two examples of what I'm talking about.
I'm aware that you can find normally-pitched rips of the second one, but that's not what matters.
So... Say I want to post an image to, as an example, help someone with a submission (or something), and I would want to post an image showing the problems. Is there a way I can do this with Dropbox? Or should I be using something else, because it doesn't seem like my images are working.

Tell me which of these two images you can see. If neither, then I'm going to need help. If just the bottom one, then I think I have it covered.

Image #1

Image #2

I didn't expect the second image to be that big, provided you can see it.
Ok, here's where I put my compositions (obviously). Luckily for people who don't have any form of Finale software, (almost!) everything here is either a MIDI, or a link to SoundCloud.

Original Compositions:

Generic Sky

Generic Sky (Big Boss): MID MID 2
This was the first composition I made which actually got anywhere. It's a strange mix of styles, and I feel like I won't be able to make something like this in a long while. MID 2 is a version that uses more than just piano.

Generic Sky (Race): MID MID 2
Very Grant Kirkhope-ish, obviously. I was kind of going for that anyway, but then when I finished, I realised that I didn't use many accidentals (as in, I didn't use ANY), which is something Kirkhope uses a lot in his songs. This is the "Race" version of the song, as the standard overworld is yet to exist. I'll get there at some point. "MID 2" is an instrumental version.

Generic Sky (Map): MID
Kind of an overworld map for Generic Sky.

Generic Sky (Town): MID WAV
This is a remix of "Generic Overworld (1)". It's almost exactly the same as the original version, with a few nicer touches. In the WAV, I tried for a mix between chiptune and other instruments. What would you call those other instruments anyway? "Organic"? That's what I always call them. I don't want to use the term acoustic, because there's something not very acoustic about an accordion.

Generic Sky (Main): MID
(On Musescore) "Ok, let's just see how long thi- 5 MINUTES!?" Yeah, it just kinda happened. It took so long to get the chords in some sections correct. Also I hope my attempts to make each part interesting in their own right have been successful. VERY SLOW-PACED THEME.

Generic Sky-Factory (Main): MID
Interesting story with this one. I had a composition called "Generic Overworld (1)", and it sounded pretty good, a nice "happy" feel to it. Problem was, it ended up sharing a section with Generic Overworld 2. It worked better in "2" so I scrapped "1" altogether. At the same time, I didn't want it to go to waste, so I switched it to minor key, removed some notes, and gave it a whole new bassline and layout. Now it's here, but as "Sky-Factory", as to reference its initial connection with Generic Sky.

Generic Sky-Factory (Conveyor Belt): MID MID 2
Just a fast paced version of Generic Sky-Factory. "MID 2" is an instrumental version.

Generic Sky (Map 2): MID
The second map theme for "Generic Sky". Based in the factory sections.

Generic Ice

Generic Ice (Race): MID MID 2 WAV
I just threw something together for this one, and it actually turned out much better than I anticipated. It uses a lot more accidentals than "Generic Sky (Race)", which adds more dynamic to the song. Still very Grant Kirkhope-ish. He's just shaped my ideas on VGMs significantly. "MID 2" is a variant with instruments. At this point I just need to put it into the DK64 sound-font and it'll pretty much sound like it's from DK64.

Generic Ice (Main): MID WAV
Ugh, it's just Crystal Caves dammit. I had to shorten the main melody of the "Race" version, otherwise it would just sound weird. This is basically the fully-fledged main version of "Generic Ice".

Generic Ice (Mid-Boss): MID
Another variant of "Generic Overworld 3", but instead of sounding like something from Donkey Kong 64, it sounds like something from Super Mario RPG, mixed with other stuff.

Generic Ice (Map): MID
Kind of an overworld map for Generic Ice.

Generic Ice (Challenge): MID
I quite like this variation. It has a very playful feel to it.

Generic Ice (Big Boss): MID MID 2 WAV
The is the most "Grant Kirkhope" thing I could possibly make out of this melody. All the trumpets and horns, the strings playing arpeggios, the type of chords, the extra chord section(s), the really high up trumpets near the end, etc. It's so blatant it's hilarious.

Generic East?

Generic East? (Main): MID WAV
A new melody! I tried for a slightly generic "Eastern" style, but I really don't know where it went from there. I'm quite proud of the WAV file, although the mixing is quite different from the usual.

Generic East? (Map): MID WAV
Kind of like an overworld map for the Generic East world or something.

Generic East? (Big Boss): MID PC98
Lol 2hu. I feel like if you want to compose a Touhou-esque song, you need to think of a character/scenario for it to go with. I kinda made something on the spot, that I won't say. Although this is somewhat Touhou-inspired, I still kept a fair amount of my own style in there. It's still my work lol. "PC98" is a SoundCloud upload using the PC98 Soundfont instead of whatever I'm going to use.

Generic East? (Mid-Boss): MID
I had no reason nor want to make this when I did, but it just... happened. The key signature change from C#m to Dm near the end is a bit iffy, but besides that I think it's alright. It barely even counts as "Generic East" though, besides the small section with somewhat noticeable nods to the main theme.

Generic Spooky?

Generic Spooky (Main): MID MID 2
Not much to say about this one, except that the 2nd MIDI is SO MUCH BETTER. It has the full instruments, and it really does a lot to the song. Please compare both if you choose to listen.

Generic Spooky (Challenge): MID
This motif is surprisingly annoying to work with, so I decided to be messy with the bassline. First time I'm done something in this style, and I think it's alright, but not exactly great. Maybe a full mix might do it some justice.

Generic Spooky (Map 1) WAV
Spoopy. The theremin was fun to work with.

Generic Spooky (Map 2) WAV
Literally just (Map 1) but with electronic drums. Probably for when you've entered the mansion (which is something I should probably mention whenever I make more music for that.

Generic Ocean

Generic Ocean (Beach): MID WAV
There's a story behind this one actually. My friends and I were doing some creativity thing featuring various themes. The theme was "Ocean", and I made this. In doing that, this is the first song I've used a proper soundfont for. Sadly it just sounds like Treasure Trove Cove from Banjo-Kazooie. Great.

Generic Ocean (Sailing the Seas): MID
Just a fun 12/8 (or something) song. It's supposed to make you feel like you're traveling across an ocean (duh), but it's a bit short. Just something I threw together that sounded nice.

Generic Ocean (Mid-Boss): MID WAV
The first minor-key variant of this motif, and I quite like how it turned out. That reference I put in there wasn't really intentional at first. I just had a flow going. I can imagine a fight against hoards of pirates or something.

Generic Ocean (Town): MID WAV
I tried to picture an old-timey town place. I even asked my friends to check if I got the atmosphere. They said "yeah". There's probably a pub in this town somewhere.

Generic Ocean (Map 1): WAV
The overworld/map theme for the Generic Ocean world. This one plays on-land (first half (probably)).

Generic Ocean (Map 2): WAV
The overworld/map theme for the Generic Ocean world. This one plays over-water (second half (probably)). Because this one's quite different from (Map 1), there'll probably be a full transition (with fade-out), as opposed to an immediate switch or blending between the songs (like in Banjo Kazooie).

Generic Title Screen

Generic Title Screen (1): MID WAV
The first time I've shown off the main theme to everyone. I feel like this theme works perfectly as the "generic main theme", and it makes me really happy. I composed the original melody 2 months prior to posting it here.

Generic Grass

Generic Grass (Main): MID WAV CHIP
This sounds nice with a good piano soundfont. I can easily imagine this as the first level theme (excluding the obligatory tutorial level of course).

Creating the full instrumental was quite refreshing, because of how much later I did it, and how much I've improved since.
My use of chiptune throughout this soundtrack will really give off the "retro-inspired" vibes which... I kinda really don't want lol. I just like chiptune tbh.

Generic Grass (Main 3): WAV
Shockingly, Main 3 was made before Main 2. There's no proper reason why. I tried to make this sound a bit like Yoshi's New Island, but I don't know if I went overboard or not.

Generic Grass (Race): MID WAV
I've always wanted to make a song like this. It just seemed to match the style of the Generic Grass motif well.

Generic Lava

Generic Lava (Castle Entrance): WAV
This song would probably only work in an autoscrolling or scripted stage. I had a lot of fun messing around with instrument combinations, and I was able to figure out things that work really well. If the sound is muddled, then "whoops".

Generic Space

Generic Space (Unknown Section): WAV
Basically the most generic thing I could possibly make that isn't simplistic. It has no place in the metaphorical game, but I made it to show off the "Generic Space" motif.

Generic Desert

Generic Desert (Main): MID WAV
This is really chill. A decent chunk of elements from this don't really let it feel like a desert theme at all, and those parts could be almost completely confused with a rainforest aesthetic. Hopefully the minor key feel keeps the rest the way I'd prefer it.


Battle or Something: MID
This originally started off being called "A VERY Different Style", for good reason. It is a very different style. I'm not sure what kind of style it is, but I just randomly threw something together and got lucky.

Minor Key Dance: MID
I'm actually rather proud of this one, but I feel like it bears too much resemblance to other songs I've heard. I don't remember which ones, but it just sounds familiar. I came up with the title about 2 minutes ago, so don't judge it.

Flight of Freedom ~ Mystic Space: MID MP3
I cannot think of a good name for the life of me. Also A Minor is a really convenient key signature (of course, that's only the first part). I don't know where I was going with this one, because it starts of like a space-shooter-type-thing, then the chorus hits, which sounds quite different. Extremely happy with how it turned out (for the most part).

Note: The original name was "Another Random Battle Theme".

Mountain Motif: MID
Again with the terrible names. This is a pretty simple tune, except for the random major key section at the end, and the transition is a bit iffy. I'm never good with transitions.

Spooky Manor Ballroom: WAV
I was told to make something creative about "dance", and I sorta screwed up. The song is fine, but it definitely wasn't what I was going for.

Fire Stage (Unused): WAV
First time using FamiTracker. Don't expect greatness.

Beach Theme: WAV
I got curious whether or not I could make beach-like songs. I originally struggled with instrument choice, but then I decided on the tenor saxophone and everything else was smooth sailing. I think I can make a beach theme. When it comes to the actual notes, I probably picked F major because of Shy Guy Beach, but then it goes somewhere else in Bb, which isn't really inspired by anything.

City Central: WAV
After a long hiatus, this thing suddenly appears, and it's very different from my past works in terms of quality. Like, the mixing actually sounds a little bit legit, and it's at this point where I know how synths work. Threw in some bongos and stuff because bongos make everything sound better I felt like it'd make it more unique.

Rainforest - Jazz Overworld ("CD" Arrange Ver.): WAV
My work for the composition elective I did in high school. It's an extended remix of an unfinished piece I had lying around intended for a game my friends and I would jokingly make, obviously within a rainforest area, though that version would sound different to this (I just wrote this to show off some jazz skills lol, though I probably overdid the drums a bit).
Welcome to my arrangement thread! I hope to see this expand at a decent rate, so I'll try to arrange as much as I can!

On Site Arrangements

Note 1: I will post PDFs and MIDIs by request.
Note 2: I use MuseScore and Finale NotePad.
Note 3: Most of my sheets aren't formatted.
Note 4: Please notify me of any problems with the thread, or the sheets.
Note 5: You can request for an arrangement to be fixed up, if you want to play it. You probably should.


[KEY] Colour Coding
Needs Work: RED
Being Worked On (Sort Of): PURPLE
Good Enough for Me (low standards): BLUE
In Submissions: GREEN
Accepted/On Site: LIME

[N64] Banjo-Kazooie
Bubblegloop Swamp (Interiors): MUS
Mr. Vile's Game: MUS
Freezeezy Peak (Inside the Christmas Tree): MUS
Gobi's Valley (Inside the Pyramid): MUS

[XB360] Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts
Hero Klungo Ssssavesss Teh World!: MUS

[N64] Chameleon Twist 2
Great Edo Land: MUS
Toy Land: MUS

[N64] Donkey Kong 64
An Amount Too Big to Have Each Individual Song for: ON SITE

[NES] DuckTales
Title Theme: ON SITE
Transylvania: MUS
African Mines: MUS
The Himalayas: MUS
Moon: MUS
Gyro's Flying Machine: MUS
Boss Battle: MUS
Magic Coin: MUS
Land Clear: MUS
Life Lost: MUS
Game Over: MUS

[MUL] DuckTales: Remastered
Money Bin (8-Bit): MUS
Mount Vesuvius (8-Bit): MUS

[CDi] Hotel Mario
Main Menu/Map: MUS

[Wii] Mario Kart Wii
Rainbow Road (Two Pianos): MUS

[GBA] Mario Kart: Super Circuit
Battle: ON SITE

[NES] Mega Man 3
Boss Battle: ON SITE
Spark Man (Replacement): MUS

[NES] Mega Man 4
Toad Man Stage: MUS
Pharaoh Man Stage: ON SITE

[GEN] Mega Man: The Wily Wars
Buster Rod G Stage: MUS
Mega Water S Stage: MUS
Hyper Storm H Stage: MUS
Wily Tower Stage 2: MUS

[MUL] Mega Man 8
Clown Man Stage: MUS
Tengu Man Stage (Sega Saturn Version): MUS

[MUL] Mega Man 9
Stage Select: MUS
Concrete Jungle: MUS
Magma Burning*: MUS
Plug Electric (Plug Man Stage): MUS
Overdrive Scramble (Special Stage): MUS

[MUL] Mega Man 10
Fireball Strike (Strike Man Stage): ON SITE
Nitro Rider (Nitro Man Stage): ON SITE
Polluted Pump (Pump Man Stage): MUS
Solar Inferno: MUS
Against the Pressure (Dr. Wily Stage 2): MUS
Get the Punk Out (Special Stage 2): MUS
Endless Struggle (Endless Stage): MUS

[PSP] Mega Man: Powered Up
Time Man Stage: MUS

[PC] Mega Man: Rock Force
Terror Man: MUS

[GB] Mega Man V
Venus Stage: MUS

[DS] Rhythm Heaven
Rhythm Rally 2: MUS

[Wii] Rhythm Heaven Fever
Tap Troupe: FOLDER
Remix 10 (Duet): FOLDER

[PC] Shoot Shoot Nitori
The Human Village (Stage 2): MUS

[GCN] Super Smash Bros. Melee
Hammer: ON SITE

[Wii] Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Waluigi Pinball: MUS

[PC98] Touhou 1: Highly Responsive to Prayers:
Eternal Shrine Maiden: MUS

[PC98] Touhou 2: Story of Eastern Wonderland
She's in a Temper!!: MUS
Complete Darkness: MUS

[PC] Touhou 6: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Soul as Red as a Ground Cherry: MUS
Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room: MUS
U.N. Owen Was Her?: ON SITE

[PC] Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom
The Fantastic Legend of Tohno: MUS
Diao Ye Zong (Withered Leaf): MUS
Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird ~ Till When?: MUS
A Maiden's Illusionary Funeral ~ Necro-Fantasy: MUS
Necrofantasia: MUS

[PC] Touhou 8: Imperishable Night
Stirring an Autumn Moon ~ Mooned Insect*: MUS
Song of the Night Sparrow ~ Night Bird*: MUS
Nostalgic Blood of the East ~ Old World: ON SITE
Maiden's Capriccio ~ Dream Battle: MUS
Love-Coloured Master Spark: MUS

[PC] Touhou 9: Phantasmagoria of Flower View
Wind God Girl: MUS
Eastern Judgement in the Sixtieth Year ~ Fate of Sixty Years: MUS

[PC] Touhou 10: Mountain of Faith
A God That Loves People ~ Romantic Fall: MUS
Because Princess Inada Is Scolding Me: MUS
Road of the Apotropaic God ~ Dark Road: MUS
Dark Side of Fate*: MUS
The Gensokyo the Gods Loved: MUS
Akutagawa Ryuunosuke's Kappa ~ Candid Friend: MUS
Fall of Fall ~ Autumnal Waterfall (Two Pianos): MUS
Youkai Mountain ~ Mysterious Mountain: MUS
The Primal Scene of Japan the Girl Watched: MUS
Faith is for the Transient People: MUS
Cemetery of Onbashira ~ Grave of Being: MUS
The Venerable Ancient Battlefield ~ Suwa Foughten Field: MUS
Tomorrow Will Be Special ~ Yesterday Was Not: MUS
Native Faith*: MUS

[PC] Touhou 10.5: Scarlet Weather Rhapsody
Sky of Scarlet Perception: MUS
Argue For And Against: ON SITE
Drunk As I Like: MUS
Fragrant Plants: MUS
Flowering Night: MUS
Lunatic Eyes ~ Invisible Full Moon: MUS
Usual Days: MUS
Wind God Girl: MUS
Wind God Girl (Two Pianos): MUS

[PC] Touhou 11: Subterranean Animism
Awakening of the Earth Spirits: MUS
The Sealed-Away Youkai ~ Lost Place: ON SITE
Green-Eyed Jealousy: ON SITE
Walking the Streets of a Former Hell: MUS
Satori Maiden ~ 3rd Eye: MUS
Lullaby of a Deserted Hell: MUS
Corpse Voyage ~ Be of Good Cheer!: MUS
Hellfire Mantle: ON SITE
Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion: MUS
Last Remote: MUS
Hartmann's Youkai Girl: MUS

[PC] Touhou 12: Undefined Fantastic Object
A Shadow in the Blue Sky: MUS
At the End of Spring: MUS
Captain Murasa: MUS
The Tiger Patterned Vaisravana: MUS
Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind: MUS
Returning Home from the Sky ~ Sky Dream: MUS

[PC] Touhou 12.3: Unthinkable Natural Law
Memory of Forgathering Dream: MUS
The Scenery of Living Dolls: MUS
Beloved Tomboyish Girl: MUS
Beloved Tomboyish Girl (Two Pianos): MUS
Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea: MUS
The Eternal Steam Engine: MUS

[PC] Touhou 13: Ten Desires
Ghost Lead: MUS
Let's Live in a Lovely Cemetery: ON SITE
Rigid Paradise: MUS
Old Yuanxian: MUS
Futatsuiwa from Sado: MUS

[PC] Touhou 14: Double Dealing Character
Dullahan Under the Willows: ON SITE
Kobito of the Shining Needle ~ Little Princess: MUS

[MUL] Touhou 14.5: Urban Legend in Limbo
An Everyday Life with Balls: MUS
Occult à la Carte: MUS
Arrival of the Winds of the Era: MUS
Those Who Know the Truth: MUS

[PC] Touhou 15: Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom
The Rabbit Has Landed: MUS

[PC] Touhou 16: Hidden Star in Four Seasons
Deep Mountain Encounter: MUS

[PC] Undertale
Another Medium: ON SITE
Death by Glamour (Two Pianos): MUS
*Probably not playable

Coming Soon:

Ha funny joke.
"Coming Soon" = Will Happen But Not Necessarily In The Next Update


Oldest Arrangement: Death by Glamour (Two Pianos)
Newest Arrangement: Remix 10
Total Amount of Arrangements: 203
Total Amount of On-Site Arrangements: 93
Series with the Most Arrangements: Touhou Project (77)
Single Game with the Most Arrangements: Donkey Kong 64 (70)
Platform with the Most Arrangements: [PC] (~80)
Shortest Song (By Time): Life Lost [DT] (?)
Shortest Song (By Measures): Magic Coin [DT] (1)
Longest Song (By Time): Eastern Judgement in the Sixtieth Year ~ Fate of Sixty Years (4:08)
Longest Song (By Pages): Remix 10 (14)
Now, to start: I seriously don't know how to add an image.
Should there be more in this image? Because I always get told of a "Measure Button".
The supposed Measure Button is able to create measure numbers, which I have a real problem with.

Also I don't know how to align text. This one might be a little bit more obvious, but regardless I still don't know. This affects: Page Numbers, Mini-Titles (on multiple page arrangements), and Copyright/Url.

The only reason I need to know these things is because I can't find any way around them (that isn't tedious). I used to use Finale 2014 as a work-around, but the trial finished and now I can't submit sheet music to the site. (FORMATTING)
Help! / Posting Issues
February 08, 2016, 01:03:06 AM
So I have been having problems with posting, as in, NONE of the buttons (the ones above the box you write stuff in) work. Meaning I CAN'T put spoiler menus in, I CAN'T post images, and I CAN'T even change the font to bold/italics/underline.

Is there a reason the buttons are just plain gifs, or is this a genuine problem? Because I can't find answers to this question anywhere else.
Request / [MUL] Mega Man series - Multiple songs
November 20, 2015, 04:08:49 PM
The Mega Man section seems a bit lower quality than more recent arrangements, so this request will hopefully get some arrangers working on the section. (Note: This section mentions only Mega Man songs from the "Classic" series)

For starters, arrangements that should be improved:

[NES] Mega Man 3:

[Wii] Mega Man 9:
"Title Screen"

Songs that should be added:

[NES] Mega Man 2:
"Credits" (As in, the extended version of "Title Screen" that plays during the credits)

[NES] Mega Man 5:
"Gyro Man"

[SNES] Mega Man 7:
"Skull Castle 1 (Entrance)"
"Skull Castle 3 (Walk the Invisible)"

[SAT] Mega Man 8:
"Aqua Man"

[Wii] Mega Man 9:
"Thunder Tornado (Tornado Man Stage)"
"Galaxy Fantasy (Galaxy Man Stage)"
"We're the Robots (Wily Castle 2)"

[Wii] Mega Man 10:
"Cybersheep's Dream (Sheep Man Stage)"
"Abandoned Memory (Wily Castle 1)"
"Wily Machine 10"
"Heart of Enker (Special Stage 1)"

Please note that I do NOT need to see all of these songs arranged, it is just a preference. If you want to arrange any of the songs listed here, that would be nice. 

(I feel like I'm going to end up finishing this request myself. )