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Messages - Toby

Congrats to Oricorio coming 4th in the voting for champs !! Looked like really tight voting missed it by just a few points

Hopefully get through to semis as a wild card !!

How did you think the game went? Is it your first time playing champs
Quote from: TheZeldaPianist275 on May 15, 2024, 11:20:21 AMInteresting--did you think he was actually a reviver or lying about that piece too?

I actually thought they were more likely to be nullifiers. I figured revivers would have rather laid low so they could try make use of their ability later

I get the point revivers aren't worth anything night 1, but they're strong afterwords and worth even less when dead. The 2 claims sped the game up though as it brought people together and gave the vigis targets to shoot. I dont think everyone would have shot night 1 without the claims
478 pms and I know MSF probably sent about 400 of them
Nice post game. MSF well deserved MFP. I've never seen anyone send as many PMs in my life. It made it easy just to sit back and let him do the meddling while being in a strong position where no one could meddle with me

I just shot BDS cause I figured if I didn't someone would. I knew he was likely lying about his role and would have claims but there wasn't really any way to know if he was on my team and he claimed he wasn't so he knew there would be a target on his back and I didn't see anything to indicate I shouldn't shoot him. I guess I could have just left him alive but if he wasn't on my team then he would have been the ringleader of some likely strong alliances which was a threat to my game

I wanted to play an honest game, every faction game I've played before I've made fake claims and then I find myself getting backstabbed. I wanted to try staying out of that this time round so I didn't claim to either Davy, BDS or Oricorio. I was tempted to claim to Oricorio since he did claim to be my team, but I called his bluff on it and it was clear he wasn't paper at all. And learning that he had claimed to multiple people made me want to stay away from that too.

I wouldn't have been able to trust bds or Davy had they claimed to be paper to me, so I focused on keeping myself alive. Although I think I was almost lynched day 1 so I dunno if I got a bit lucky

Yeah I actually didn't realise until mid game that the rock paper scissors was purely just theme, I thought it was considered in the order of operations
MSF really pulled the strings on everyone

When Oricorio claimed to me I quickly put it together that he had claimed to multiple people and likely told some lies. I didn't want to play a game where I was getting twisted in fake alliances so I pressured him a bit of his claim and called it out, and his reaction told me he wasn't paper at all! But I didn't let him know I knew that

I knew that as the paper vig for my team I wasn't at threat of being friendly fire killed, so I was safe if no one from paper thought I was paper - the only downside is I wouldn't get revived if I died. But I decided to play an angle of looking like I wasn't paper so that rock and scissors won't go against me.

When I voted Oricorio claiming he wasn't my alignment (paper) and MSF joined on, I knew Oricorio must have shared with him that I wasn't paper, meaning that MSF must be paper!

I reached out to MSF and we started an alliance and quickly it was very apparent we were both paper and he was being a mastermind behind the scenes scheming away.

I was able to just to sit back a bit and let him do his thing, and when it came to day 2, because I was one of the few who kept my alliance unknown I had Davy and specs both reaching out trying to ally with me for the vote

I think me and MSF paired perfectly this game and I don't feel like I was ever a threat of being killed or lynched which was great.

MSFs passion this game was also great to see. I was checking into the game every hour and seeing 8 unread PM messages at a time just from him lol ! It's funny to see the game topic had so few posts compared to PMS
I think I need to vote for Specs
Well that was a dramatic night
Sorry I'm out tongiht @TheZeldaPianist275  is no vote allowed
I'll no vote if oricorio no votes
Im not going to claim to someone who fake claimed to me
Well Oricorio claimed to not be my alignment so I'll vote him

Hi all

Not sure why revivers are claiming so I wouldn't trust their claims

Reviver claiming kind of defeats the whole purpose of them wanting to stay alive
The Werewolf Game / Re: Hosting and Balancing
March 17, 2024, 05:39:49 AM
Quote from: davy on March 16, 2024, 02:45:29 AMNow in something unrelated to forum TWG (and I apologise if it therefore doesn't belong here): in a couple of months I'll be at a bachelor's party of a good friend of mine, with a total of 12 people, which is pretty ideal for a werewolf game, but a little too many people for most other games. Problem with playing TWG irl is that it is an elimination game, and having to just sit there and watch while the other people keep playing isn't very fun.

So I have been thinking about playing a 12 player (or 11 player 1 host) TWG variant without elimination. Unfortunately, the ones I know cap out at 10 players (Avalon and Secret Hitler) or have a bit too much randomness and unbalance for my liking (Saboteur with expansion).

So I've been thinking about designing such a game by myself, but most of my experience designing TWG's has been with elimination, so I was wondering if any of you have any suggestions of what kind of non-elimination TWG I can play and how it can be balanced for 12 players.

No experience but my initial thoughts would be either something like an infected/recruitment style game where every night the wolf recruits another wolf or 2 but not sure how you would manage lynches.

But a better idea could be an Arsonist style game where every night the arsonist can douse a few people in oil, then when day comes instead of a lynch the humans vote to 'throw oil' over the arsonist to reveal them. If they choose another human that player is doused in oil and the game continues. If they choose the arsonist then they reveal themselves as such and humans win. Arsonist wins when they've doused everyone in oil and instead of dousing anyone else during the night, instead they choose to ignite which burns everyone doused in oil - killing them off and leaving the arsonist as the last one standing. I enjoy the arsonist role because of the paranoi people have knowing they're marked for death  . The arsonist can pretend like they've been doused in oil too to try blend in.