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Hello! I will be uploading all of my current arrangements for piano here.

My goal is to transcribe as many Genshin Impact songs as I can because it's a very popular but new game, so it hasn't had the database of transcriptions that other games have. Please feel free to check them out & critique them.

Golden Apple Archipelago
Comforting Quietude

Note: Some of my sheets are not formatted properly yet! Sorry about that.
Here is the original piece. It's written for handpans and a nondescript bell, so I did my best to translate their rhythmic qualities into piano.

Off-Topic / Re: The Introduction Thread
August 15, 2021, 08:55:49 AM
I've been using the sheets on NinSheetMusic for a while now, but it's the first time I've delved into transcription for this website! Hello everyone. ;D

Name: seyapianist, but you can call me Seya
Age: 16
Gender: female (she/they)
Location: Philippines!!! (wazzup mga kababayan)

Musical stuff: piano (10+ years classically trained), guitar, bass, a bit of drums
Favorite piece of music (non-video game): I gravitate towards 80s pop - just the chord progressions alone are *chef's kiss*
Favorite game music: right now it's Genshin Impact - but honestly all the music i've come across in video games are top-notch
Favorite video game: The Last of Us, Ace Attorney, Genshin Impact, Persona series

Favorite color: orange!
Favorite food: Japanese curry :3
Favorite school subject: English, probably
Language: English, Filipino, Spanish (un poco!)

Fun fact: Before this, I had a gig on Fiverr dedicated to piano transcription. It definitely gave me a lot of experience, and appreciation for all the work the members of NinSheetMusic have done - for free!

Cheers to new members and new sheets!