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really want this song and its not like the pokemon stadium on super smash bros melee or saffron city on super smash bros. N64 i want THIS ONE!!! its awesome guitar makes it sound amazing....if you could do this i would really appreciate it thanks!!! =D and email me if you have it my email is  i dont get on this much so yeah... heres the link

note:  by Hajime Wakai
Off-Topic / my music score
March 21, 2010, 04:35:55 PM - my first sheet music...wana see if anyone likes it...if someone can also tweak it or add on to it it would be very much appreciated if i could get that please..

if u want it in pdf just to play it its
Request / [GCN] Shadow the Hedgehog - Multiple Songs
March 19, 2010, 07:42:58 PM
heres the list of songs i would like to be on piano sheet music: air_fleet, iron jungle, cosmic fall, lost impact, lava shelter, devil doom, final haunt, black comet this is not that long of a list id love these songs in piano sheet music plz and thank you! :D

air fleet:

iron jungle:

cosmic fall:

lost impact:

lava shelter:

devil doom:

final haunt:

black comet:
Request / [DC] Sonic Adventure 2 - Multiple Songs
March 19, 2010, 07:23:36 PM
personally id like to have the supernatural, escape from the City (A must HAVE), chasing drive, highway in the sky, wont stop, just go!, keys the ruin (another Must HAVE), a ghost's pumpkin soup, mr.unsmiley, live and learn, the mad convoy race, unstable world, hey you! its time time to speed.., cant stop, so what?!, masters of the desert, scramble for the core. i know its alot...but i cant find these anywhere because its in guitar form!

the supernatural:

escape from the city:

chasing drive:

wont stop, just go!:

keys the ruin:

a ghost's pumpkin soup:


live and learn:

the mad convoy race:

unstable world:

hey you! its time to speed up again..:

cant stop, so what!?:

masters of the desert:

scramble for the core:
Completed and on site

i looked but i didnt find this one...its really good...and i cant find it...
i need a couple songs from banjo kazooie nuts and bolts that i didnt find on the site...
 all turned into piano sheet music...doesnt matter when they r all done either i can wait Smiley thank you and sorry for the long list lol
these songs i could not find anywhere!!! witchyworld was nowhere to be found and rocket robot on wheels is like rare nowadays...and i cant even find the mp3 music for rocket robot on wheels! thats how bad it is! but if u ripped the songs off the game or looked on youtube i guarantee u...ull find it anyway...thank you!

jojo's world:

clowney island:

food fright:

Arabian flights:

Whoopie land:

mine blowing:

paint misbehavin:

pyramid scheme:

whoopie world entrance: