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Pianoth's performances

Started by Pianoth, May 01, 2018, 10:16:57 AM

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Hi there! So, I found that some people tried to play my arrangements, and by watching them I realized they're pretty tough... So I decided to record them all myself. I made a playlist on youtube containing all the recordings, so this post will always contain the correct link to all my videos of this kind.
You will notice I often do some slight changes, or added notes, even if they're my arrangements. When I do it, it's usually because it sounds closer to the original that way.

Hope you like them ;)


As of this post, I still need to record the Credits of BoTW. I did a number of changes/correction there for my recording, especially considering that it was an arrangement made by various people. You'll see the final result when I'm done recording it.


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These are absolutely amazing. Incredible job performing and arranging these sheets, and I can't wait to see what you do next.


Wow, these are superb! Your performances really bring all of your arrangements to life. Most would be a challenge for me to learn, but I can at least say thanks for your Korok Forest arrangement - I really enjoy playing it. ^^

Please share more!


Brilliant. Really, just brilliant.

Your playing is just...extraordinary. Undoubtedly professional, but I'm just completely amazed at your skill haha. When I first listened to your BotW Main Theme I thought it was digitally programmed, and then I realised how wrong I was when I proceeded to listen through your entire playlist. It was mesmerizing - I really never felt so amazed listening to VGM piano performing before.

If you do continue to do Youtube, I sincerely hope you find your audience. These are spectacular - really wish I could say more, but I'm too taken aback by your awesomeness to give it a proper criticism. Looking forward to the stuff you do, good sir, and of course, you earned yourself a subscriber <3