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Author Topic: [PS2] Valkyrie Profile 2 - Multiple Songs  (Read 97 times)


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[PS2] Valkyrie Profile 2 - Multiple Songs
« on: May 04, 2018, 03:49:21 AM »

Since there seems to not be any Midis anywhere for Valkyrie Profile 2 or even so much inaudible PDF sheet notes (quite an underrated gem developed by Square), I figured I would post some requests for the talented music tabbers here to take a stab at : )

Any of the below would be nice to see in the Midi collection here on the site. I would really like to learn how to play at least a couple of these tracks, yet there is nothing for me to really go on.

Composer of these tracks: Motoi Sakuraba

1. A World Supported by Emotion

2. Public Peace and Soft Sunlight

3. A Stable Float

4. Time Brings About Retrospection

5. The Chance That Becomes Inevitability

6. Neighboring Infinity

7. The Wavering of Another Age

8. The Meditation of Many Years

Thank you. Cheers! ^^
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