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A Fair Farewell

Started by Gu4n, July 22, 2008, 01:28:26 PM

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Most of the time, the end is considered to be as something negative. Being optimistic prevents becoming depressive or even melancholic, so see the end as something positive. Death, for example, is usually (which is pretty normal in my opinion) considered to be negative. In the Middle Ages, people lived for their life after their current one. The wonderful paintings from that time are all anonymous, as they created it for God. The more they did for God, the better the after-life would be. In the Renaissance, however, people started to focus more on their selves instead of God. Even though the Church is losing popularity these days, the Middle Ages view on death remains in other religions like Buddhism.

I'll be leaving, too. Of course I won't die, but I'll withdraw as administrator of NinSheetMusic. I got less and less time to spend time on the site and forums, and since life is getting busier each day, I decided to stop as an administrator - for real this time. My dear Finnish friend JaMaHa will look after the site as he's the one I trust most and has putted more work in this site than I did. Even though my holidays have begun since early June, I haven't got a bit of time to work on the site. Now, beside my work, with the E3, two holidays and the Leipzig Games Convention (where I'll be participating as a journalist) coming up, I can barely find time for NSM. In addition, early September university begins so from then on I'll have to put every single minute in revision as it appears to be a pretty tough study.

It's not jut time which is the reason for my leave, to be honest. Slowly, but certainly, I started to lose interest. Neither in NinSheetMusic nor gaming nor arranging, but in being an administrator. As I have no knowledge of PHP, MySQL or even HTML (well, just a bit), all I can do is command others to fix things how I'd like them. And I hate commanding others, seriously. Bossing around isn't something I should be doing, actually. I'd rather do things myself, but since I'm not able to achieve the imagined result, I had to command JaMaHa and Dekudude over and over again.

Like I said, I haven't lost interest in arranging. That's why I don't want to leave without giving something in return. All these years, ever since I started NinSheetMusic as a small website on Freewebs, I've been supported by people, who made it possible for NSM to grow. And it grew indeed, considering the fact it's one of the biggest (if not the biggest) video game sheet music archive online. I'd like to thank anyone who helped me, or I should be saying us as we're a real team, to expand NSM to its current state. I'll be submitting my final arrangements I've worked on the past few weeks, as a tribute to Yasunori Mitsuda's masterpiece soundtrack Chrono Trigger. In the case you didn't know, the Square-titel which was originally released for the SNES in 1995 will be rereleased for the Nintendo DS, which is naturally fantastic news! The songs I've released and added to the database as sheet music so far, are the ones listed below:

    * A Premonition & Chrono Trigger
    * Sunlight Morning & Peaceful Days
    * Wind Scene
    * Battle & Lucca's Theme ~Fanfare~
    * A Prayer to the Road that Lead & Manoria Cathedral
    * Frog's Theme
    * Singing Mountain

Well, consider this as an update. My final update, with hopefully way more updates to come from other. I wish JaMaHa and his crew the best for the upcoming years, hoping NinSheetMusic will expand more and more. It has already grew beyond my imagination from four years ago. I'll be hanging around on the forums until university starts, but after that it's farewell, lebewohl, adieu, vaarwel, adios and sayounara!