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A new news system

Started by Jamaha, July 22, 2008, 01:39:20 PM

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Yes, I actually do stuff.

Basically, the new news system is now integrated with the forums. This should make it easier for everyone to use.
Also, the system is not final yet, I'll be making adjustments as time passes.

Have fun.


Looks amazing! Great job! =D Think you could find some way to put in comments, or are we stuck replying on the forum?


On behalf of Gamer4250:

Quote[01:49:41]   <Gamer4250>   alright
[01:49:42]   <Gamer4250>   so
[01:49:45]   <Gamer4250>   with the new news system
[01:49:54]   <Gamer4250>   unless you want a sudden spike of accounts with 0 posts
[01:50:03]   <Gamer4250>   I suggest a minimum post requirement
[01:50:09]   <Gamer4250>   and stricter spam rules

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   I think Gamer's suggestion is peaking into the extreme. It's a possibility that spam will infiltrate the site news and forums with this, but not to the level that gamer is describing. Nevertheless, it would only make it more secure from spam, if we do set a 25 post count or so.


Quote from: Dekudude on July 22, 2008, 05:09:35 PMLooks amazing! Great job! =D Think you could find some way to put in comments, or are we stuck replying on the forum?

We'll see.

Also, post count limit? That's pointless. If people want to comment, then why wouldn't they be allowed to do so?


wow he does do something.........awsome!

okay okay I get it

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The next thing JaMaHa can do is make a Internet Radio.

It happens Every. Day!


I say keep it simple. I don't need everything on one website to make everything Lag. Besides, There are already sites for that. My personal favorite:

because they have everything from classical, irregular music to today's bullshit rap and pop.


I am excited for the future, lol.


See spam? Make a mod to delete spam.

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If there is any, I'll delete it.  Jeeze, you guys are so worried about nothing.


That. This'll also make it easier to moderate spam, as the old system didn't exactly have moderators deleting comments.



I've already dealt with some spam. :P


uh, I have no idea what this is.