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Forestechoes Piano Corner Youtube Channel

Started by Forestechoes, September 17, 2018, 10:05:12 AM

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I am an English Musician, I've always loved Japanese Video Game and Anime soundtracks,
so it's only natural that I taught myself how to play a few different instruments to play these tracks I enjoy.
Piano, Guitar, Ocarina , shamisen and many more.

I have covered many since June 2017 , the start date of my youtube video making.
The quality varies, the earlier links were recorded with an inferior camera.
Unless mentioned all sheets are from things found on the web.
I have brought many japanese piano books and some things are from them.

I will begin listing and linking the tracks below
Please like and Subscribe on youtube to make me happy :)

Forestechoes Piano Corner.


I am going to add tunes in chronological order,
but first i'll start with a nintendo track.

I hope it's ok to put non nintendo tunes here.
If not then please inform me and i'll remove the necessary links.


Track 65 Tears after the Cloudy Weather

I will start with a nintendo tune because that seems fitting, it's my title youtube dashboard video tune.
Tears after the Cloudy Weather, A Pokemon classic, it was based on an already transcribed piece, however this tune has been
heavily re-arranged by me.

Sheet music found here. you can put it up on ninsheetmusic if you want :)


Track 1 Good Night Today from School Live (Anime Cover)

A classic music box style tune, and my first cover for youtube.
A little rough of a performance but it's nice either way :D

So far it has over 190 views to it's name.


Track 2 She Was Here Alone from Erased

A track from the anime Erased composed by Yuki Kajiura, a true legend in the business many more covers of her stuff on the way.
The performance was ok on this one :)


Track 3 Ballad from Asterisk War

While I don't remember this tune in the show, the show was fun and I saw this sheet music so I decided to cover it.
Once again the performance is a bit rough :P


Track 4 Solitude from Amagi Brilliant Park

The great re-occuring piano track from the series,
I have received around 215 views for this video.


Track 5 Moonlit Flowers from Utawarerumono

A personal favourite of mine, appears in the game series and the Anime series.
has received 260 views and 13 likes :D


Track 6 Watashi, Kimemasu! Girls Und Panzer

I have 2 piano books from this series :) I love the show, here's an early cover of the sad version of the main theme.
currently at 122 views.


Track 7 Nocturne in the Afternoon from Angel Beats

Massive fan of Key and Jun Maeda in general, so covering this tune (from the piano book) was an easy choice.


Track 8 Pf-AD6 from Seven Deadly Sins

Hiroyuki Sawano is great composer and I will do many covers from his compositions.
This tune was beautiful and had nearly 200 views for me so far.


Track 9 Conversation Heart from Noragami

This tune intrigued me greatly I had to learn it :D this one took some practice but my efforts were rewarded
with 270+ views so far.


Track 10 From the Heart from Final Fantasy 14

I am going to cover alot of FF tracks, I like many tunes from the series and have tonnes of sheet music from this aswell.

This cover is a bit rough, an early recording from the piano book.


Track 11 Balamb Garden from Final Fantasy 8

I re-arranged this one on the fly, just a quick play once again it's a bit rough but it had some ideas :D


Track 12 Julia from Final Fantasy 8 Ost version

Track 13 Fishermans Horizon from FF8 Ost version