[NDS] Pokémon Black Version 2 & Pokémon White Version 2 - "N's Castle" by Trasdegi

Started by Zeta, August 25, 2018, 12:03:41 PM

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I never liked the staccato tenuto combo, but whatevs. If everyone else agrees with it then I cannot contest.

However, I am hearing a different rhythm at the last beat of m. 8. I hear the D being held for an 8th note then resolving how you have the last two 16ths.

If it matters, how I would solve the tenuto staccato thing is by having tenuto'd eighth note hits on each beat. This would hightlight the melody in the bassline and other lines like it. Just something else, no need to change if it works as is for everyone.


I agree that it looks somewhat messy, but that combo was the way of solving the "it's not just plunking each chord" problem. The tenuto + eight makes this problem worse imo, so I don't think it's a good idea.

I checked again, and I hear 4 16th in m. 8... Could anyone else take a listen?


Instead of using tenuto and staccato in combination, I would put the indication pesante or even molto pesante at the start and write everything in straight eighth notes followed by eighth rests. I believe this better communicates the intended character of the piece, and more clearly indicates that you want complete silence between each of the chord stabs. If you really want to stick with the tenuto + staccato combination, put the mention simile in the third measure and hide all the articulations from then until measure 9.

In measure 8, I hear four sixteenths, just as you've written them. (Well, an octave higher, but you get my point.)

In measure 10, the left hand should be playing an E on the fourth beat. Personally, I'd keep this and the following note an octave higher, since the the texture is at its sparsest here and lowering it can lead to confusion with the bass line (which never goes very low because you always have to play chords), but you don't have to.

The C in measure 11 should be an octave higher. Same goes for the left hand Bb on beat four. (You're still on a D pedal, so D should be your lowest note.)

In measure 13, you could make the slur go from the A in layer one to the E instead of from F to E, in order to avoid collision issues. Also, you could cut the left hand C# if (like me) you're a fan of the raw sound an open seventh gives you, but that's also up to you.
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Files updated with d3ath's suggestions.


Quote from: Latios212 on September 29, 2018, 02:56:05 PMJust a few small things that I can update for you: missing measure numbers, footer too small, fermata missing on LH of last measure
Updated these things for you since you have Notepad. Looks good!
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