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Author Topic: About Help Guides  (Read 475 times)


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About Help Guides
« on: January 04, 2019, 03:27:36 AM »

A Help Guide is a guide written by one of our forum members that... helps. One could view this new system as an evolution of the outdated NSM Resources. These guides will be written by our members, for our members, to fit our unique needs as a video game sheet music community.

Here's how the process will work!

Write up your guide and post it as a topic here. The original post will serve as the guide. (If you have something written up somewhere else on the forums, you can repost it in a new topic here or ask us to move it.) Members will comment on the topic, giving feedback to improve the guide, and we'll work together to edit it to be correct, clear, and concise. After your guide is approved by two updaters, we'll move it up to the main Help Guides board with the other accepted guides.

The topics will always be open to comments, with the guide in the original post editable by the writer and staff. This way, people can still provide feedback if something was missed, or ask questions if they're confused (so they can get an answer and also help improve the clarity of the guide if it isn't easily understood!).

If needed, later on we will create different sub-boards as categories for our guides (music theory, Finale help, arranging tips and tricks, etc).

Any questions, ask away here!
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