Started by B-Kpianist, August 04, 2008, 10:59:00 PM

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Sry if i posted this in the wrong place :P

So I wanna get as many people as i can together to create this fan game. So far I have the following people

Deltonax (the RareWitchProject)

Concept Artist's
BanjoBoy123 (the RareWitchProject)


More is to come

We want to use this program:
It's an awesome program and can make some reallly high quality games. So that's why we really need good coders and stuff. Now here's more about the game itself

"Banjo and Kazooie are back in their latest adventure "Banjo-Kazooie: The Crystal Jiggy" and so is Gruntilda, aiming to take revenge!

Banjo, Kazooie and Co., set off for vacation at Layback Beach. While the gang is out vacationing, Gruntilda sneaks over to Jiggywiggy's Temple to steal the great crystal jiggy (as seen in B-T) to use it to her advantage. The Crystal Jiggy contains the power to create, open, close, or change worlds in whatever way the owner pleases. Grunty, her new assistant, and their cats, head off with the crystal jiggy to the their new hideout (hub-world), Witchy Isle. Grunty, after casting a spell on the crystal jiggy, then plots to take down the bear and bird, (along with their other friends) by turning  there home spiral mountain into a place so demented that even the wickedest of the wicked would be destroyed by the atrocious conditions, using the crystal Jiggy.

Banjo and Kazooie learn of this when their vacation spot is suddenly turned into a twisted world controlled by gruntilda. The gang hurries back to the outside of spiral mountain, only to see the terrible outcome of spiral mountain. They knew they could not return home until the spell gruntilda casted on the Crystal Jiggy was broken. They spotted the new isle where grunty was residing, and quickly headed over to begin there adventure and stop grunty- hopefully, for good.

Grunty creates several twisted worlds that banjo and kazooie must venture through, which are accessed by several different ice keys hidden throughout the hub-world, and the stakes are higher than ever! With Gruntilda controlling the crystal jiggy with her spell, she can interfere with your progress at any moment in time. For example, if you are in the middle of a challenge, she has the power to put her two cents in and make it worse. She can change a world however she pleases to confuse you (move items, hide things, change area's, etc.). These things happen randomly throughout each level, but not very often. If Grunty overuses the crystal jiggy, her spell may die off and all worlds would no longer exist.

Jiggy's are used to fight off the spell casted over the crystal jiggy. Once you collect a certain amount of jiggy's, it will kill off a percentage of the spell's power and allow you to go deeper into the hubworld.

Notes are used to buy new moves, but that's not all... (more details on this coming soon)"

More is to come

Witchy Isle (Hub-World)
Layback Beach
Nutty Farm
Icyrock Cavern
Honeybee Mountain
Space Level (Beta Name)
Conker World (Beta Name)
Jungle Level (Beta Name)
Candy Level (Beta Name/Pending Level)

More is to come

We need all the help we can get, so feel free to help out! It could take a while, but if you're interested, plz help! ^_^