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Deciding the Next Special Update! (May/June 2020) - VOTING PHASE

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Continuing on in our new style of special updates, we will once against begin the voting procedure. Just like last time, any user can suggest ONE theme by posting in this thread. There are only 2 restrictions:
- The theme cannot be limited to a single game/series or musical style
- No duplicates of previous themes (food/cooking)

Anything else is fair game. Other suggestions from the last thread that didn't get voted in were things like aquatic themes, boss battles, and "music about music." The best suggestions are those that are applicable to as many types of video games and musical styles as possible. Creative interpretations of the theme are fine.

Nominations will be open for approximately one week from the time of this post, but nominations are preferred to be posted sooner rather than later. We may be experimenting with tweaking the deadlines, but for now, this will be followed by a week of voting, two weeks of arranging, and two more weeks of reviewing. If you want to see how the last two steps work, check out the previous thread.

Nominations are over and we have progressed to the voting phase. The deadline is 4 days from that post.

- Weather
- Replacements
- Shop Themes
- Nighttime themes
- Request fulfilment
- Arcade titles of the 80s and 90s
- Forests
- Sad/Tragic Backstory themes
- Beginnings and Endings

Well, we could do a weather one. Like the weekly forecast a news channel does.

As the user who suggested the winning theme last time, I am abstaining from choosing another topic in order to set precedent for all future arrangement projects. and definitely not because I don't have any ideas this time around.

I will very shamelessly nominate the theme of "replacements," both smaller edits and full-on replacements. It'd be a nice way to get a bunch of minor edits for sheets on the site, as most people tend to not arrange those as it takes up a submission slot. but more that I just want to remove some abominations from the site en masse.

I'd like to nominate "Shop Themes" to the list. This can include both themes from actual physical stores in games or just the themes of characters who sell things to the player. Anything to do with selling or buying can apply. Even if the store's not a place you actually buy from, like if it's just a setting in the game's story, that could work too!


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