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New site artwork!

Started by Latios212, June 06, 2020, 09:36:56 AM

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Hi everyone!

We recently had an event for users to provide new artwork for the main site. Today, the banner and favicon have been updated, as well as our social media profile pictures, for the first time in over a decade :)

The banner and favicon are provided by KC Symphony and our new social media profile pic (as well as Zeta's new look) is provided by Sir Bone. Please give them a big thank you for their contributions.

The rest of the artwork we received is great as well, and I'd like to thank fi_le and Advos for their submissions too. You can find all of the artwork submitted in the previous topic (linked at the beginning of this post). Sometime in the future, we may find a use for them too.

Speaking of, the art refresh means that the time may be ripe to think about t-shirt designs again. Stay tuned for that...
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Awesome artwork! Looks amazing!


Looks awesome! The site's really come a long way since I joined, wow.


Wow! I used to come to this site every day like, 4 years ago, and I just came back and I love the new look! It looks great :-)


That artwork is so awesome!

This looks so cool, congrats to the artists! I'm glad the selected designs ended up being the ones I voted for
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How come it's still the same on my computer?
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Do a hard refresh (ctrl+F5)


Ayyy, it worked! Thanks!
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Thanks to everyone who contributed art, they look great! I also am a fan of the touch-ups to the banner with the gradient and shading updates. It really makes everything stand out more


The banner look soo pretty, what a nice touch to the site! It would be hard for me to pick a favourite banner out of those submitted; wouldn't it be cool to have a setting where you can select a theme of your choice? :)