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Author Topic: [XBONE] “Sea of Thieves: Who shall not be returning” Requesting a Song  (Read 132 times)


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Hello! It’s me that  just joined the discord server! I was wondering if you could maybe do a Sea Of Thieves song? I’ll post a link. And, It’s on XBONE.

“Who Shall Not Be Returning”.

I would really appreciate it if you could make this become a really good song so I can download it and listen to it on my garage band! I don’t share it with anyone. I just listen too it on either piano or turn it into an orchestra, and I was thinking about turning this song into that! If you can do this, that will be so greatful! I will probably request more in the future, but for now, to make things easy, I’ll just request one! Here you go! I hope it turns out fantastic!



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