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Jake_Luigi's Arrangements That Probably Exist

Started by Jake_Luigi, November 12, 2020, 05:30:45 PM

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Hiya. If you're here, you must be really desperate for sheets, huh?

Um... feel free to listen, download, and give feedback. I mean, if you want. I can't/won't force you.

Thanks for dropping by. :D

(!) = It's accepted and/or on the site.
(?) = It's in the submission process.
     = It uh... sure is somethin' alright.

(!) Final Fantasy VI: Strago's Theme PDF MIDI  MSCZ  MUSICXML  MP3 (I can't believe "With the might of a grand train!" wasn't an acceptable expression. Nah yeah I can believe it.)

(!) Mega Man ZX Advent: Slam Down PDF MIDI  MSCZ  MUSICXML  MP3 (And only three people played this game!)

(!) Mega Man X3: Opening Stage PDF MIDI  MSCZ  MUSICXML  MP3 (Thanks for the help Dudeman <3)

     Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth: [REDACTED] ~ The Enemy Who Surpasses The Law PDF MIDI MSCZ MUSICXML MP3
     we, uh, don't talk about this one. maybe one day...