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Deciding the Next Special Update (Summer 2021)

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Back in February we finished off the previous special update, and after having a few months to relax it is now time for the next one!  We'll begin by taking suggestions from our users for themes for this update.  Each user can suggest one theme in this thread here.  Nominations will be open until next Friday evening (roughly 2200 GMT, Friday 9th July).  The restrictions are the same as last time:

* The theme cannot be limited to a single game/series or musical style.
* No duplicates of previous themes (food/cooking or replacements)You can see a list of the themes that were suggested last time but didn't win here.  The best suggestions are ones that can be applied to many different types of video games and musical styles.

Different from last time is that after the nominations period has ended, the updaters will be drafting a shortlist of these options first, prior to voting.  This is to ensure that the options are the ones that are the most viable for being the focus of a special arrangement project, and also will make the voting simpler for all of you.  After the shortlist is announced, voting will be open for approximately 4 days.  After that, we will announce the chosen theme and submissions will be opened up for two weeks.  More exact details will be posted after the voting has concluded.

I'd suggest nighttime themes again, except now I have a different idea...

Colors! Anything with a color or a color-related reference in its name could be arranged. For example:

* Streamer battle themes from Origami King
* Rainbow Roads from Mario Kart
* Scarlet Forest from Deltarune
* Red Canyon from F-Zero
* Blue Skies and a Battle from Fire Emblem: Three Houses
* Black Tower and White Treehollow from Pokémon Black 2 / White 2
* City of Color from Splatoon and Color Pulse from Splatoon 2
* Remixes of Green Greens from later Kirby games...and so on.

I'd like to nominate the theme of arrangements. This can include:

* multiple arrangements of the same theme (differences on instrumentation, meter, scales,...)
* tracks that use the same (leit-)motifs or musical ideas
* tracks that fits other meanings of "arrangement" (plan, ordering,...)For the first two options, arranged sheets should be in sets. Arrangers can collab and work on a set of sheets together, and sheets that form a set with on-site sheets are also okay for submitting.
"Special Arrangement Update" :kekdog:

I think it would be fun to do royal themes. Royal isn't quite the word I'm looking for, as it makes it seem specific to kingdoms, but leader themes is too broad. Hopefully my examples clear up what I mean. Royal themes would include:

* Themes of royal characters (Princess Peach, Zelda, Edgar (FF6), etc.)
* Themes of royal castles (Bowser's Castle, Hyrule Castle, Chozo temple, etc.)
* Themes of royal battles (Mother Brain Fight, King K. Rool fight, In the Final (Dark Bowser fight), etc.)
There may be other subtopics, but as someone who hasn't played a large variety of series, this is all I can think of.

Maybe "Dark" could be a fun theme? This could include:

* Nighttime themes (like mastersuperfans idea)
* Underground/Cave themes
* Characters or bosses related to darkness (shadow something, twilight something)
* Space themes (possibly)


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